Giving Yourself Time to Receive

Inspiration for the Week

For this week’s issue, The Gabriel Message is reminding us how to get in touch with our deepest, most Divine Self.

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

A Full Relationship with your Higher Self is only possible when you give yourself time to receive from the Deepest Sources of your Being.

Fortunately by the time Archangel Gabriel showed up in my life, I had already established a spiritual practice from the years I spent with my guru.

Using my time first thing in the day to sit, concentrate on my breath and pray before my meditation had become the most important way to begin my morning. My days were very different and never as comfortable if this was interrupted.

After my visitation from Archangel Gabriel and the beginning of his teachings, my focus in the meditation time became very different. There was less attention to energy from the outside of me and more awareness on developing a relationship with my Higher Self as my new best friend.

The teachings involved a recognition that I had never experienced  that my Higher Self acted as the guardian of the gates to my guidance system. I was told that it was important to set my intention to allow my Higher Self to be the filter that received wisdom from the higher frequencies. This would attract only those non-physical teachers that were in harmony with my Soul’s purpose.

There had been times when I allowed an open channel to any teachings that wanted to come through me. It was very exciting, however it led to quite a bit of confusion and stimulation in my mental realms. Sometimes I would end up feeling disoriented and sick. But when I paid attention to my Higher Self and allowed an opening to that channel, the creative work began to pour through me. And most importantly, all of this work was centered in my heart.

I began to feel waves of loving feelings that healed much of the old patterns that made feel so alone and cut off. The Divine Light poured through the new doorways my Soul had opened to higher consciousness, and I literally began to “lighten up.”

These powerful experiences were deeply rewarding and healing to me. They also stimulated more desire to strengthen this connection to Source energy. I noticed that when I was aligned with my Soul through my Higher Self, I felt wonderful. There was a feeling of being happy for no apparent reason.

When I let my spiritual practice slide and did not focus on this powerful connection to the higher frequencies, I would start to feel lost and less empowered. The inspiration I needed to feel whole was inside me. That was a new focal point for me. There in the special moments I gave myself, I experienced a flow of Divine Love greater than any I had experienced in the world around me. It filled up the empty vessel in my conscious awareness and gave me new life.

We all have this capacity to receive Divine Love. It is there waiting for us to open the receptive channels to receive that which we most desire to experience. The focus of our awareness and our intentions become of great value in order to have a deep and fulfilling relationship with our most divine and authentic self. And it only takes a little time to receive.

Divine Presence, thank you for the gift of Balance in my giving and receiving of life. Thank you for helping me to focus on that which is most important for my growth as a spiritual being in the world. And most of all, thank you for connecting me to my true, divine, eternal and most authentic self at all times. So be it. Be it so. Amen.

Shanta Gabriel
August 30, 2015

The Gabriel Messages #31

A full relationship with your Higher Self is possible when you give yourself time to receive Love from the deepest sources of your Being.

Dear One,

One of the most powerful and important relationships you have in this life is with your Higher Self. This is the part of you which is in full communion with God because it is the voice of your Soul. Guidance and intuitive insight come from this place. There are a number of ways you can develop and strengthen this relationship between your personality awareness and your Higher Self, and all of them require patience, persistence and practice.

One way is to learn to act on your intuition. How many times have you thought about doing something, ignored the thought, and then a situation arose when you said, “I knew I should have done that?” The more you listen to your inner voice and act on your intuition, the stronger this connection will become.

Another way to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self is through meditation. Meditation is a way of expanding your conscious awareness of states beyond your physical body. The physical world is the grossest level of manifestation and there are many planes of consciousness beyond it. Meditation is the key to reaching a deeper level of being, that still place within, where you are one with God.

Meditation is not difficult, but it does require practice and persistence to attain a calm and focused mind. It may be frustrating at first, because the mind never seems to stop. Emotions and thoughts come up that clamor for attention. This is just the way thoughts work, so be patient with yourself and gently refocus your mind on your breath as the object of your attention. It may be helpful to take the time to write out your feelings and thoughts before you meditate so that you can clear your mind more easily. Whatever you do to calm and clear yourself will be very helpful.


Sit quietly, breathe balanced breaths, and as you begin to feel more peaceful and centered, imagine a beautiful golden, healing light flowing around and through you. There is incredible love within you, waiting only for your conscious permission to flood your entire being. Focus your attention on receiving the love of God. You can ask your Higher Self to facilitate this connection. As you do, you will create a solid, conscious connection. Imagine that Divine Love is flowing through you in the flow of warm golden light. Allow yourself to bask in this love and let it permeate every cell of your being.

Create a beautiful place in your mind where you can go to sit in the silence that exists within you. Call on your angelic teachers for guidance and we will assist you in this process. The Angels are messengers of God, here to help you find peace, love and joy in your life. We can also assist your meditation process so you will find the love you need within yourself. Picture the Angels surrounding you in wings of pure light, and we will be there. We love you and believe that you deserve to receive all that is good.

When you take a little time every day to make your spiritual connection to God stronger, you will be amazed how your life will change. You will find guidance and wisdom available to you in a greater way than you ever imagined was possible. It takes only the willingness to give yourself time to breathe, focus and receive God’s love.

Remember, your message from the Angels today:

A full relationship with your Higher Self is possible when you give yourself time to receive Love from the deepest sources of your Being.

Archangel Gabriel from Shanta Gabriel August 30, 2015


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