Giving Thursday Extravaganza!

I’m pleased to announce an Extension on my
Soul Alignment Reading
AND a whopping 50% OFF Guided Meditation mp3s!


You are invited to join me and other co-hearts in a special Spiritual Practice to fortify your spirit before the holidays!



Soul Alignment Reading – Special Pricing Extended!

In the spirit of Giving Wednesday, I’m extending my discount through Friday, December 2!

Please enjoy 15 percent off your purchase of a Soul Alignment Reading. Simply use this coupon code at checkout: thanx2016sa



Guided Meditations – Half Off!

In addition to the pre-holiday madness, I’m offering a 2-day special 50% off my guided meditation mp3s! After the first of January, many of these meditations will no longer be offered to make room for the new Transformation Series of guided meditations. Please take advantage of this opportunity now.

Use coupon code at checkout: sale50

See the meditations here!



An Anusthan for the Holy Days

daa2d54a-2202-40aa-8de9-097ebcfd0607It is my pleasure to invite you to join our group of dedicated souls for this important spiritual practice — the Anusthan.

All that we do together is magnified in the energy of so many wonderful, heart-centered people who want to bring more Divine Light into their lives and on to the Earth.

This practice was given to me by my guru in 1978. In our Ashram, we would do this spiritual practice for very special occasions with great purpose and dedication. In the years since, an Anusthan has never failed but to uplift and strengthen my spirit.

That is my intention for all of us involved. Nowadays our Ashram is Life itself, and we are bringing a focus to life that is very inspiring. As we know, the upcoming holiday period brings with it a certain amount of mass-conscious anxiety, and we all need to be centered, strengthened and empowered to be able to stay in our hearts and be the true blessing that we are.

The spiritual sacred essence of the season of Holy Days is something we all want to receive and use as a blessing for our lives. The Anusthan practice will prepare us to be able to have a more Peace-filled, Happy and Harmonious Holiday time.

I would love to have you join this very special group practice to Birth New Light within us and on the Earth.

The Anusthan starts December 5. Please register here.

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