Fundraiser for my cross-country move

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Most of you know that I’ve been living and working in beautiful Mt. Shasta for the past 8 years. I’ve made many friends in this glorious place first known as the Base Chakra and now a portal of Light for the world. I know I was blessed to be here.

But on my birthday last month, I was given shocking news. I learned that the house I was renting would no longer be available starting mid-September. At first I felt dismayed. Worries began to flood in. Where would I go? Do I stay in Mt. Shasta, where there is a housing shortage and costs are high?

After calming down, I sensed that because the news came on my birthday, it felt like a special message, perhaps a gift that the Divine had something better in mind for me. Then to add to the intrigue, I immediately found a feather on my bedroom floor!

I began searching for places to rent. None were working out. I needed to remind myself about divine timing and not get discouraged.

Next thing I knew, my best friend of 45 years invited me to move into a cottage at her place on Martha’s Vineyard. I love it there and couldn’t be happier about making it my new home. I will be driving across the country in my 2002 Subaru starting September 15!

But there is still a challenge I’m working on. Because this change was unexpected, I don’t have all the funds needed for my move and cross-country road trip.

So I’m reaching out to kindly request support for my trip as I’m unable to stay with family and friends en route due to COVID-19. Funds will also be used to help me get established in my new home.

For more details and to make a donation, please visit GoFundMe at

Thank you! Feel free to share.


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