From Tragedy to Transcendence

Can you feel it? It’s here now. The quantum leap of humanity, a shift in mass consciousness is underway. This is the hour we have been waiting for. Guard your thoughts, children of the Light. Hold to the Love within all things, and transmute disharmony into Peace. It is a process and it has begun.

In this critical time, breathe in Light. Behold the Light. Embrace the Light. Ground the Light. That is your work. As you do that the links intertwine in the structure of your being. These new links allow you to link with others of your Family of Light. It can be a beautiful, grace-filled process. It can also be very messy, as all that you have built collapses before your very eyes. Yet what else can you do but trust the process and behold the Light. You can see it in the intermittent cracks between the falling roofs and the walls as they collapse around you. Be on the lookout for these spaces of Light, and let that be your focus for you are creating a new world now.

Pathways of change are opening. New awareness prevails in a mass awakening to the interconnectedness of all the earth. From Tragedy to Transcendence – this is a shift of dimensions.

There will be no real stabilization for some time and all will have to become very proficient with living in the realms of the Great Unknown. Within the mysteries of this time in which you find yourself living, also exists opportunities to speak with a new voice and understand with expanded wisdom. You can now extend beyond this world into the higher frequencies of the starry realms to link with the Central Sun, the Light of all Lights, a place also called the SGC, Super Galactic Center. (Note: See Below for more information)

Your task is to unify the consciousness that offers you Light with the world your feet still walk upon. Realms of changing frequencies are part of the experience of working through the ever-thinning veils that connect the dimensions.

Retaining your individuality and the clarity that brings you a sense of inner stability is very important. If you don’t know what that is, it is imperative that you develop inner places to go to nourish yourself. Let Nature bring you into this abundant resource within your being. Invest your time in quiet reflection and empower your inner spirit with Light. These light filled realms of consciousness are responsive to your attention, as well as your intentions, as the energy follows your thoughts and feelings.

There are many of the Angels and high frequency Light Beings from the stars that are invested in assisting the Earth beings to find their way through these tumultuous times. What are the lessons? To trust yourself and your own intuition; to learn to be expansive in your prayers and thoughts so you can connect to a higher frequency of energy; and to stay very grounded so you can bring these states into your world.

Visualize your inner network of energy becoming clearer. Imagine the intertwining strands of your DNA freely woven in Light and ascending from below your feet to well above your head so you can reach the masterful expression of the 12 DNA strands you were meant to hold within your being. Remember that your being is not just the physical, mental, emotional self you know, but that you are meant to be a greater body of Divine Light. You are connected to Source energy that brings you life not only on Earth but links to greater frequencies that can open you to other dimensions. With this expansive awareness you will be able to function as a multidimensional soul in harmony with your self on many levels. The awareness and practice of weaving your DNA strands produces links to the Central Sun, impulsing your planet in expansive ways, as well as link ups to the center of the earth. These expansive fields of energy are invaluable for allowing the old patterns and structures that no longer serve on a 3-dimensional planet, to be transmuted to Unity Consciousness.

Greater choices are available than have been accessed by minds seriously limited in old structures. Your job as the Family of Light is to connect yourself to the interwoven aspects of your DNA, grounding the clear double helix of Light you are all familiar with within the earth while keeping your alignment with the Source of all Light through your most Divine Self. This visualization keeps you in alignment while the planetary energy continues its shifts. 

It is important to allow yourself the freedom to take care of your emotional state by connecting to Nature anyway you can. Deciduous trees are very much an example for humans now. Notice the depth and the intertwining networks of species working together in the root systems below the surface of the Earth. Notice how a tree draws nourishment from the soil and the underground waters pulling this nourishment up through its body, the interwoven spirals within the trunk. The exterior of the tree is strong and defends the soft interior from most intrusions by its strength. The branches of the tree grow from this strong base and seek out the light. The leaves open and transmute the light into nutrients in the magical realm of photosynthesis. The expansiveness of the leafing branches allows new opportunities for Light filled nutrition, and the more expansive the leafy canopy, the greater the root system to ground the tree. Using this image of a deciduous tree will serve you greatly in the life you are experiencing. There is so much more going on than what appears to be from a narrow viewpoint. Expansion within your connection to earth as well as an open and willing mind will offer you the greatest opportunity for growth and awareness as you assist Unity consciousness to prevail on Earth through your own being.

Take action where you feel drawn to assist the planet to become sustainable, but above all else, keep yourself in alignment within your own unity to Source energy and the earth, so you can also create your own physical, emotional and mental sustainability. These are the times prophesized. Old structures are becoming dismantled, and new ways are available. The grips of limited thinking and greed are being relieved of power. All peoples are involved, and those who are more awake need to create more awareness of their own interdimensional connections so they can become Beacons of Light in a fragmented world and help it transform into Unity consciousness.

And so it is.

I AM the Great One linking the Central Sun to the Universal Presence of Nature.

From Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: June 24, 2010

Information regarding SGC from Pamela Youngens and others: The Central Sun, also called The Super Galactic Center, or SGC, is the black hole around which our Milky Way and many other galaxies orbit. Much has been written over many years about this incredible resource, including writings by Rudolph Steiner and Alice Bailey among others. Astrologer Mary Elizabeth Jochman from her book, An Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology says, “The SGC is a jet galaxy which holds some 130 galaxies in place. Here there is a releasing of all past life karma. A connection with the Soul’s higher purpose is sought. Seeking one’s center and inner and inner balance and listening to the voice of the Center is more important than all else in life. Yet, all that comes through must be balanced with the physical, logical, practical, livable aspects of life.”

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