Forest Bathing, a modern health phenomena in Japan, is now available on Martha’s Vineyard. Called Shinrin Yoku, the value of taking in the forest atmosphere has been researched extensively. 

Forest environments are being viewed as therapeutic landscapes with these benefits and more:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Proven to deliver lasting benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Relieves chronic stress conditions
  • Frees Creativity
  • Accelerates recovery from illness

Essentially a session begins with becoming quiet and receptive while walking through the trees. When one opens the senses within the forest atmosphere, they are breathing deeply of the beneficial aerosols the tree emits with oxygen, which benefit the lungs as well as other organs.

After a one to two-hour Forest Bathing session, one feels refreshed and energized, deeply relaxed and peaceful. Participants have also used terms such as serene, exuberant, transported to new perspectives, and happy.

Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful, protected island environment with many trails and forests. There is also a beautiful arboretum named Polly Hill that offers a chance to experience many varieties of tree species from Japan and other parts of Asia that have a similar ecosystem. Shanta is leading groups there during the summer as well as privately. 

Contact Shanta for details: or 508-296-5733