F-words for this Amazing Time on Earth


I received a little message from Archangel Gabriel with a lot of F words that I will share with you today.Ā 



Dear Ones,Ā 

We call your attention back to focus onĀ FAITHĀ in your life. There is no healing when fear is the main driving mechanism for life at this pivotal time. You can only heal through your relaxedĀ FocusĀ on gratitude, and a more empowered, heart-centered life.Ā 

When your attention is scattered and unfocused,Ā life becomes out of balance and no new pathways can open for you. The minds that perpetuate fear are creating what is most unwanted, leaving no room forĀ Vitality, Creativity and Wellbeing.Ā This immersion in darkness does not lead into Light.Ā 

Allow yourself a new groundedĀ FocusĀ on Wellness and WholenessĀ so your whole being can thrive in Wellbeing. This is your newĀ FoundationĀ and you have been prepared to be the leaders that serve the world through your example. You are demonstrating that Life will turn in the direction of your focus. You can live in Harmony and Balance when that is where you place your attention.

Be at PeaceĀ and know that yourĀ Focus on creating a peace-filled Foundation of Faith, and paying attention to theĀ FundamentalsĀ of Well being will bring you greaterĀ FreedomĀ for life on the New Earth that you are creating together. All is well, and so it is.Ā 

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel GabrielĀ 

March 17, 2020


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