Expansion, Trust and Embodiment – Themes for 2020

A Message from Archangel Gabriel for 2020

Dear Ones,

This year will be a Banner Year for those who can skillfully navigate their lives to bring forth greater levels of Expansion, Trust, and Embodiment of their Divinity.

You will be expanding your parameters for life. Expanding beyond who you have always been, looking with expanded perspectives at who you are in this space between dimensional realities. You are expanding beyond your known realities, making room for what you have dreamed would manifest for you.

At the same time, you can trust that there is a new Divine Feminine flow of energy which is blessed by the spiritual resources you have connected to; those Light Beings who guide and guard you as you step into new expanded territory.

You will need to trust that you are not stuck in old patterns, that these said patterns are only alerting you to the change in your responses and the fall-back energy you have historically relied on. You are now opening to new connections that lead to a Divine Feminine counterpart to the old ways you have worked with. The structures you have relied on are crumbling, so as you make your way forward into 2020, the intentions you have set for a more expanded reality are coming into fruition. It is so different that you may only feel confused and unsure how to respond as your days stretch into new realities that are unfamiliar.

Providing space for your evolution is priority. You will not make much headway if you are trying to create new techniques, working deeper marketing formats, or launching new work formats and activities. These are not a vibrational match for this beginning to a new decade. It’s probable that what you thought you were preparing may crumble while you are opening into your new expansive realities before you are clear about what those look like.

One thing you can fully trust is that you are grounding in a deeper way and embodying your Divinity in a reality that will feel different. Who you are in this reality will also feel different.

You will have access to a state of Divinity that will surprise you. When you are aligned with your most Divine State, new perceptions come forward. Expanded ways of perceiving your life will illuminate your actions. You will notice that just as you are about to respond from a habitual space, if you can hit the pause button, something new will come forward. As you slow down, you become more conscious and you realize you don’t want to respond the way you have in the past. This is only one of the new ways in which you will take care of your new creative self.

Indeed your heart is lighter and what appears outside you does not feel as harsh because you have more equanimity, you have greater access to a flow of energy that nourishes you and encourages you to feel balanced.

In a balanced state your heart is open, you trust your own responses to life and you know you have prepared a field of light within and around you that supports your depth of purpose. You may even feel you are giving yourself more space to expand your view of life.

In this new year, you may feel ready to accept your place in the higher frequencies that you have been diligently preparing within your body. You are being activated to gain inner Peace this year.

At the very least, you will be introduced to the sanctuary in your heart for Peace. You will experience your temple of loving-kindness that wells up from your heart and fills your field before radiating to the world.

As you do this, you will become the Beacon of Light that radiates HOPE into the world in need. Love fills and surrounds you in a field of Wellbeing and you are blessed. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

January 9, 2020


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