12:12:12 and 12/21/2012 Teleconferences

Clearly without a mass change in consciousness the future of the human species is in question. Science has proven in what has been called the Maharishi Effect that it takes only 7000 dedicated souls holding Peace and Divine Love within their beings to change the consciousness of all 7 billion people on Earth.

There are two auspicious dates in December when a paradigm shift in consciousness is entirely possible. December 12 ~ 12:12 through the Solstice Portal on December 21, 2014. The full spectrum of energies surrounding both these dates have set into motion gatherings all over the world.

Join Shanta Gabriel for two teleconference gatherings to welcome and receive the transmissions from the empowered energies that begin on 12:12. Together we will activate the Light Body Codes that will be able to hold the wave of Divine Love that culminates in our call on the December Solstice, 12/21/2014 from Mt. Shasta, one of the 7 most sacred mountains on Earth.

We will be receiving and anchoring what has been called the highest frequency of Divine Love received on the Earth in 26,000 years.

December 12

At the 12:12 activation we will have an experience of the Christ Light pouring onto our planetary sphere in unprecedented levels. We will be incredibly supported energetically on many levels to receive this energy into our magnetic High Heart Chakra, as the frequencies of Unity Consciousness seek to align with our human forms. Each of us plays an essential part in the world we are creating through our commitment to a new life of Harmony and Peace on Earth.

The interior of our beings is shifting with the energies of the planet, and through these activations we more gracefully hold the higher frequencies of Light within us.

December 21

On the Solstice December 21, 2014, at 5:30 pm PST, from Mt. Shasta, Shanta will be  joined by Kelly Beard from KarmicTools.com, a Shamanic Astrologer who will clarify the planetary influences that support us, and help initiate our celebration of Divine Light.

Shanta will lead us through the transmission of energy that brings together the Christ Light and a connection with the Divine Feminine within our beings. Through this process we activate the energy needed to increase our awareness and our ability to thrive in the new multidimensional world we are moving into. Through this Solstice Portal all souls that are participating around the world will initiate the Transformation of Consciousness on Earth.

We have all been experiencing the dimensional shifts which are occurring in our daily lives, noticing how the old ways of doing things no longer are supported. The new ways of living in the 5th Dimensional world are now completely dependent on our abilities to work together and anchor empowered frequencies of Light energy onto the Earth. Our intentions to live in Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, and Well-being are being activated when we consciously hold them as living fields of radiant light within our bodies.

The higher frequencies of Divine Love received and generated can literally change our DNA and the course of our lives.

Update: A recording of each teleconference is now available.

12:12 Teleconference with Shanta Gabriel (2014) - mp3
12:12 Teleconference with Shanta Gabriel (2014) - mp3
During this gathering, a powerful activating force was set in motion that will inspire and fill you as you listen to the recording.
Price: $12.00

“Thank you so much Shanta. It was a profound experience and validation (to myself) of my purpose…. I was torn between being with the meditation and wanting to write down what you were saying jewel after jewel that could have been written for me personally, but I stayed in the meditation, realising there will be a recording to listen to again.

“Thank you for such a magical experience! Words do not adequately provide service to my feelings before, during and after the call. When I chose to contribute my intention for the meditation I could feel the depth of love in my heart and was experiencing a degree of emotion, to the point tears were beginning to come to my eyes… that’s what I meant when I indicated I was open. I am so looking forward to listening and re-listening to the recording so gratefully received. I am also looking forward to joining you and others in the Solstice call.”

12/21/14 Teleconference with Shanta Gabriel and Kelly Beard
12/21/14 Teleconference with Shanta Gabriel and Kelly Beard
Recording now available.
Price: $15.00

Last night’s experience was heart opening, powerful, and empowering. I look forward to listening to it again and again. It certainly gave me much more meaning on the Winter Solstice. Every one of these conferences embeds seeds of awakening and a call to action through non-action. Thank you so much for holding the Light and for reassuring all that we don’t always need to be doing. It really is enough to “Be” and, through that Being, to be a Light for all.

I so appreciate you and your work Shanta! Looking forward to more precious time together!

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