Evolution of Consciousness Program

Class 6

Connecting to the New 10th Chakra

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

In the sixth class there is a completion of the 12 Chakra System with a connection to your Higher Self, the new 10th Chakra. Class highlights include:

  • Connecting to the new 10th Chakra, your Higher Self. The Higher Self acts as a translator of the higher frequencies from the Master Teachers, the Angelic Dimensions and your Soul. The Higher Self can allow you to hear and trust the deeply inspiring messages you are receiving from the spiritual world.
  • More information is provided on the ascension process.
  • An activation is embedded in Shanta’s meditation to connect your being with the Divine Source, the Christ Light, your Angelic guardians, your Higher Self and your physical being. This allows you to become a true blended being and your process of full conscious awareness becomes more graceful.

I enjoyed today’s session, and I am so excited for all that is happening around us!  I’m so thankful that you have helped me to prepare myself for my spiritual practice (I love my meditation sacred space), and also loved your wisdom and your meditations. You have so much divine love oozing from you. Thank you Shanta, again from my heart to yours, and look forward to your daily inspiration, and regular updates.

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