Empower Divine Wisdom in Your Heart


Dear Ones,

Connecting to your heart’s wisdom can become the overlighting, empowered intention for your spiritual practice.

Most people want to have a deeper link to their intuition, as well as a bond with the Infinite Intelligence working within their lives and human form.

As with all manifestations of a deep desire, an expanded understanding of the motivation and Soul requirement behind your desires is helpful. Behind the necessity you feel for a deep abiding connection to your intuition, is your Soul’s enduring need for Wholeness.

When you have an experience of Wholeness within, you know that all parts of you are connected. There is no sense of separation. It’s as if each part of you is continually supporting all the other individual aspects of your being.

For instance, consider the elemental connection at the base of your spine to the grounded presence of the Earth that nourishes you. This aspect also may feel the impulses of your more intellectual nature, the part that knows which tasks are necessary to perform to fulfill your Soul’s highest reality. At the deepest core of your being, there is the Soul recognition that your physical body is a requirement for this lifetime’s growth, so you need to nourish it.

Wholeness also relies on the power of your heart and its deep connection to your Soul Purpose. There does not need to be a specific awareness about the expression of this purpose; you know that you have one. When the Soul impulses your body in its dance to learn, expand and grow, it is your heart that receives. You then know intuitively who to talk to, where to go and what to do from an innate sense of Guidance.

This strong impulse from your intuitive wisdom is stimulated when you place your hand on your heart. This action links the magnetic fields and the receptors in your energy system, so your experience becomes Connection, Alignment and Wholeness within.

You are moving beyond separation with your spiritual practice. This focus on your spirit stimulates the individual aspects of your energy system so they recognize their need to work in harmony with all the other parts of you — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

When you focus on your spirit, your heart is engaged. You become aligned to the guidance systems of the Soul — your deepest Alignment from Heaven to Earth responds. Working in harmony with all your energy systems, your heart is your link to Wholeness and Wisdom. The regenerative capacity of the magnetic field of the Torus around your heart continues whether you focus on it or not. There is an intrinsic connection in the fields that receive and support the Divine Light as it pours through you.

Because activated spiritual energy follows your thoughts, and blood follows this energy, it is your focused awareness of all the connections within you that can stimulate a greater sense of Wholeness and Wellbeing. Your focus of attention is literally activating higher frequencies in your body, bringing Light into every cell through the bloodstream. This is simply physics working in your personal life.

You are also bringing Wholeness into your value system by your spiritual practice. You have discovered how uncoordinated and disconnected you feel when the coherence within you is not activated. Once it is, you feel more open, able to receive intuition, more free and connected in your physical activities, and most of all, you feel Love. Wholeness is one result of Love in action within your human form.

When all aspects of yourself are aligned in Wholeness, you radiate Love through every pore of your body. Your heart pumps activated blood through your being. Your empowered focus on your heart is creating the healing power of Love through its connection to the energy receptors throughout your body.

Even though it feels that you are very individuated in this process, you are not alone. You are protected by the Light that guides, inspires and empowers all aspects of your being in Holy Resonance with the Divine Presence that is forever resting in your heart, reflecting your Soul into the world.

You are profoundly loved, blessed and guided forever and ever. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
April 16, 2021

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