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Now! to Ground your Soul’s Highest Reality…

The 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal Teleconference Recording!

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Every year on August 8 we have a potent opportunity to flood our Hearts as well as the Earth with Light! The Lion’s Gateway this year created an even more powerful portal into the activation of your Soul’s Highest Reality. Astrologer Kelly Beard and I are offering you another chance to reset your energy system to be in alignment with this amazing process.

A large gathering of dedicated souls met on August 8 after the August 7 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The activations that were transmitted by the Archangels during the Lion’s Gate Portal Conference Call are still available on the recording to give you a true experience of pure alignment with Divinity and ground your Soul’s Highest Reality on Earth!

Every Eclipse offers us a chance to break to realign normally, but this eclipse cycle, which will complete after the August 21 Solar Eclipse, is not just realigning our energy, it is shutting off the main power conduits so our inner computer system can have a full new beginning as it restarts.

That means that those pesky patterns that have been in the way of Light Bearers expanding into the full expansion of your new reality will be ready to clear like magic when the reboot occurs. Setting your intentions for this experience is paramount right now. The recording will help you in this process.

Know that you may experience a void space after the eclipse but don’t let it throw you off center. It is part of the process for a very big transformation in your life.

On the way to Wholeness, eclipses also shake up the status quo and offer new life changes suddenly. Stay in your center with the process, use your prayers and keep your connection to your Earth body. This way you will stay in alignment from Heaven to Earth within you during the incredible process of change during the month of August.

For maximum personal empowerment, it is important to create your new intentions for a world that nourishes all people with more Equality and Equanimity. We all want to live in a world that allows us to use our special gifts to create a new, more beautiful sense of expansive Wholeness and Wellbeing. When we are more clear about the areas where we want to expand, and how we want to feel in the process, it builds an energetic container around us so the Universe can support us by filling this matrix field with the frequencies we are asking to receive. Name it and claim it becomes a useful process for creation of your new reality. Together we offered a rampage of blessings on the call for this purpose!

The Eclipse Cycle this August is the portal where you can allow this  connection to your Soul to be the new conscious reality that inspires your life.

We would also like to offer thank you blessings for your generous donations to cover costs for the technology to share these powerful transmissions with you.

Access your Lion’s Gate Eclipse Portal Recording here.

Warm and Grounded Blessings, Shanta

August 13, 2017

Donations are Gratefully Accepted for this Empowering Conference. Click Here!


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