Ducking for Cover or how to face these intense times with more Grace?

Blessings to all you Dear Ones,

This message has been in process for over a month. Things have been changing so quickly, it has been hard to stop and pin down what I wanted to say. We are in such an empowered time with planetary challenges as well as support for accelerated change, accompanied by extraordinary downloads of intense energy. Most of us feel like ducking for cover. I have had to spend extra alone time to either regroup or just to stay centered.

On a planetary level we are being asked as a group of souls to become more connected to our inner center, as well as our Divine Self, because the Earth herself is evolving. Spiritual practice has become an antidote to the alternatives of uncertainty, fear and suffering. Many people are experiencing physical symptoms from headaches (my personal favorite) to such fatigue, as one friend described it, she can barely get off the couch. After ruling out any medical problems of course, it can help to attribute this intensity to the universal download of more Divine Light than we have ever experienced in our lifetimes. And it is not going to stop, so we need to learn to swim in new waters filled with lots of flotsam. The Big Picture is that our world is moving toward Unity Consciousness. That is a good thing to remember when it affects us individually. As higher frequencies of Light energy containing an unprecedented amount of Divine Love, bombard the planet, everything that is unlike Love and Light will become very obvious. That means in our outer world as well as within our own lives.

We have to be very aware that we cannot take it all personally at this time, and use our most expansive perception to gain greater understanding. At the same time it is most helpful to remember the simplicity of spiritual practice, that our very breath connects us to our Creative Source, and we are being surrounded by Angelic beings to help us right now. The intensity of the planetary oppositions are actually working to support our growth and change, and this could be experienced as messy. Great change usually is. We are being pushed into our center of Peace where we need to breathe very consciously in order to survive.

The Full Moon on July 26 has been called the Lion’s Gate as it ushers in a tremendous influx of energy that continues until around  August 13 (but it’s not over as Mercury goes retrograde from August 20 through September 11). During this time, it may be hard to notice that Divine Love is at the core of what we are feeling in our lives, so our intentions become even more important. As we actively focus on the intentions we want to hold for the changes in our lives, it not only helps to become centered, it also provides a route for the Divine flow of energy to work towards where we want to BE.

I an attaching a link to a really clear article for this week from Pam Younghans at to help explain in simple terms the oppositions of the planets and how they are affecting us. I also will provide links at the end to some of my favorite way showers that provide more in depth assistance. You can see that these intense times are changing our society as well as our family situations, even though it feels like it’s all in our head.

As a reminder, flower essences are a very helpful and essential tool for grounding and shifting as we move through this powerful phase of our lives. Most people are familiar with Bach Flower Remedies, and there are many others that are valuable to help our emotional/mental bodies adjust to this new energy. I have around 300 different essences and offer Flower Essence Readings that include a 15 minute personalized CD for $35. There is more information on

I am leaving for Mt. Shasta on August 3 and plan to be there until the 10th or so. My cell phone does not work well there but I am in touch with e-mail. Though I am going to assist my friend who has Parkinson’s, I am grateful for the incredible presence of the sacred mountain and surrounding nature. I get to experience big trees and water, as well as take my favorite collie dog for walks by Lake Siskiyou. This is the most nourishing thing I can do for myself and it soothes my soul in a powerful way. I recommend you all make a special effort to find your own ways of centering and nourishment in Nature during this important time.

Remember that no matter how it feels, the intention for the Earth at this time is Conscious Union with the Divine. This will inevitably lead to Spontaneous Evolution for the planet and all beings living here. The purpose for all this upheaval is for a grand and beautiful Divine Plan to evolve. The Angelic Dimensions are more active than ever before, as are the Ascended Masters and many beings of Divine Light. I am also sending you a link to one of my oldest friends, Ron Rattner, who has a new web site called “Silly Sutras.” He recommends we all “leave it to the Lone Arranger.”

Love and Blessings to you all,


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