Immerse yourself into the waters of life.


Dive deep to find your Soul’s Treasure.

Swim with the dolphins and play with any obstacles you find.

Claim what you need to be fully supported and live in more buoyant ways.

From a live Full Moon telecast, this meditation carries the power of the Archangels’ blessings and group energy to support your ascension.

Join us as you receive the gift from your soul to see with new perceptions that will expand your mind and awareness. As you fill your heart with Gratitude, you strengthen your heart’s field with nourishment and are lifted up to swim in a new world of Grace.

Allow yourself to feel the blessings of the Archangels and receive the new structures that will assist you to accept boundless opportunities to expand into all that you need to live in a greater flow with Life.

Discover your Soul’s Treasure!

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