Divine Light ~ The Secret to Thriving in Awakening Times by Archangel Gabriel


 Dear Ones,

 The Archangels are here to teach you how to live in Light. We want to assist you to use empowered methodology for creating a life that serves the Divine with great devotion. We also want you to serve yourself as you rest, pray, play, and align with Source energy in whatever way most inspires you.

 We are also here to serve you in your work and your family life. Did you know there is an Angel for every relationship, for every project, for every focused time period in which you live, such as the month beginning with the New Moon? All we do is providing a creative force to empower your lives so you can live in the world but not of the world.

 Through work with the Archangels, you will be learning Photosynthesis.This means you are expanding to the Heavens with your tree-like branches, exploring new realms, and reveling in the high frequencies that reveal new dimensions in which you can live. As Divine Light works in you, new gateways to higher realms open within your awareness. You are nourished by this Light in subtle ways that provide your body/mind more direction, purpose and connection to your intuition.

 We will give you spiritual practices to bring Divine Light through every chakra in order to anchor Light within your energy system. This also allows you to embody the qualities of consciousness within each chakra and create a strong core of Alignment within your body. 

You are encouraged to drink in Light, to breathe Light and to let it flow through you. To be the Bridge from Heaven to Earth, your task is to ground this Divine Light and let it flow down through your root system into the planetary grid.

 As you ground and anchor Divine Light into the Earth, you establish a deep and abiding connection to the nourishment at the heart of the Mother Earth. Here you receive the vitality, the nutrients, and the sense of Wellbeing that allows you to thrive on the Earth in these changing times. You become like a tree that is thriving in the vertical alignment that bridges Heaven and Earth.

 Now is an important time to unite with your Soul Community to create a more physical sense of support in friendship, encouragement and expanding Vision.

There is a blessing that goes deeply into your soul when you connect to many other heart-centered people that believe in your joint ability to forge a new world that works for everyone. Together you can create new empowered structures that allow people to have their basic needs met — a world that moves out of mere survival and into pure awakening consciousness, so that Peace and Harmony can prevail on the Earth; a world where the Wellbeing of all is supported, so people feel safe and at peace. No is that time.

The Archangels will offer you practical tools to support your spirit and inspire more expansive ways to perceive the world around you and your life. It is our mission to support all those awakening on the planet now to create a greater connection to God, to their inner spirit and to each other so the Earth can come into Balance more quickly.

Please know that you are cared for Eternally and that the Divine Presence echoes with Life Force within your being. We are here to assist you so all your needs, both Earthly and Spiritual, can be met with Grace and Ease.

 Together you will radiate the Light of Peace, Harmony and Love into the world and bless the Earth.

 Archangel Gabriel

Through Shanta Gabriel

April 5, 2019



Divine Light ~ the Secret to Thriving in these Changing Times!

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