Divine Light – A Force for Healing and Tool of Protection

Aurora East of Edmonton Alberta Canada - Photo by Zoltan Kenwell In the interest of the old saying, “we teach what we need to learn,” I have been focused recently on all the different ways I have been working with Light over the past 30 + years. When I met my guru, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, back in 1977, he taught us about the power of Light through meditation and ancient Hindu spiritual practices. We were fortunate because very few people had ever heard of him, so a small group of us were able to spend personal time with a true spiritual master from India.

One of the things I experienced was the amazing Light filled presence of a being who personified unconditional love. He was a Shaktipat guru, which means he was able to awaken a person’s Kundalini or spiritual energy, with Divine Light through a touch or a look. Guruji had written a book in the 1960’s called “Light on Meditation,” and practicing meditation in his presence was definitely a Light filled experience. He would suggest we not be attached to these experiences or even to his presence, but to use this Light energy to find our own deep connection to God by the pathway he had opened through Shaktipat initiation.

Ayurveda, the ancient system of healing in India, teaches that rubbing our physical bodies with sacred oils, such as rose, sandalwood or sesame is a valuable way to keep balance in the different pathways between our spiritual and physical bodies. Guruji ran such high frequencies of spiritual energy through his physical body that his head would become very hot. This and other manifestations of his awakened Kundalini were benefited by daily massage. It was often a question for me who was actually benefiting, because many times there would be 2 or more devotees giving him a massage at one time. We could ask him questions, he would tell us inspiring stories, or even lovingly tease us. Often those giving the massage would slip into deep meditation during the process and become unable to complete their task. At those times it was often my job, since I seemed to be somewhat immune to this powerful urge, to move their inert bodies aside, and complete the healing massage for the benefit of our guru. Oh, how I wished I had been able to be so sensitive as to let go into that desire to drift away. My sensitivity, however, was to the service that was needed, and a few of us always seemed to show up when something needed to be done.

I had early in my association with Dhyanyogi decided to go to massage school in Santa Cruz, California where our ashram was located. I wanted to give Guruji as much healing energy as I could in return for the intense work he did with thousands of devotees in India and across the U.S. This massage training entailed working with Light energy through a bodywork process. Because of my proximity to the Light and spiritual energy my guru embodied, the massage and bodywork training really allowed me a new form of creative process and healing service. Then Guruji decided to teach ancient forms of healing because so many of his devotees were healers themselves. He felt it was important that we learn how to protect ourselves, use this energy for awakening within and work with others to bring a higher frequency of Divine Light and healing energy into the world. It was to be the most profound period of Grace I have experienced in my long life.

Divine Light as a Force for Healing

After Guruji went back to India in 1980, I continued my healing practice in Northern California until getting married and moving to Hawaii in 1984. There I met another healer I will call Kaiona. Through a spiritual awakening, he began to see into people’s bodies and worked with Divine Light to bring healing energy through his own form of bodywork. He called this energy Light Force. He told me when we met that I had the same pattern and colors of Light energy in my hands that he did, so it would be possible for me to do that same work. I jumped right in and for the next fifteen years, he trained me to bring Divine Light into the cells of people’s bodies to activate a higher frequency of energy. When the Light was activated in the cells healings would occur on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. For many years I enjoyed this healing work, and was able to teach Light Activation Therapy as well.

It was, in fact, during one of these healing sessions in 1988 that Archangel Michael showed up in, no surprise, a blaze of Golden Light. Continuing from 1990 when Archangel Gabriel came to teach me, my Light energy work took differing forms, from hands on to hands off. Archangel Gabriel was adamant about the need for us to bring Divine Light through our bodies, in order to create a bridge from Heaven and Earth. He taught me about using Light as an activation tool in my own body to clear away debris and blocks to my soul’s purpose, as well as bring Light Frequencies into my own being for higher sacred attunements. It was through working with these Light energies within me that Archangel Gabriel taught me how to receive messages. It has been a real gift to find that these messages spoke to others in a deep way, and it was heartening to find that when I showed them the techniques, other people were able to use these same processes to prepare them to receive their own guidance as well.

Divine Light as a Force for Protection

While I was in Hawaii, I began work with another spiritual teacher, Nancy Shipley Rubin, who also had been working with the Light Body and frequencies for healing for a great length of time. I have worked with her for many years and still find that her cutting edge teachings have the capacity to go deeply into areas necessary for my spiritual growth. In the late 90’s, one of the things she had been emphasizing was the need to surround ourselves with Divine Light after clearings. She would suggest bringing Light to us and send it “3 times round.” This was an interesting process I worked with for several years until it proved itself to be extremely beneficial in what could have been a very dangerous situation. I was obviously very protected in one grueling trip to Chicago. I was driving through a very heavy rainstorm with jagged flashes of lightening all around me over the prairies, the likes I had never seen as a Californian or in Hawaii. This storm was so intense, I found myself repeating a powerful Sanskrit prayer, the Gayatri, some say is the oldest written prayer in history. I also was praying to Archangel Michael to surround me in 3 rings of Golden Light, and to fill me as well as the car with Divine Light. I kept this up for hours, so delayed by the weather that I did not arrive in Chicago until after midnight. I had directions to a home where many students were gathering with an Indian spiritual teacher, but I was concerned that my lateness would be too disturbing. I decided to find a motel and then get a fresh start in the morning

Then it got even scarier

I stopped in a convenience store to get directions to a place to spend the night, and the woman sent me to a section of Chicago where she said there were many motels to stay in. Following her directions I found out that there were indeed many motels but they were all for rent by the hour, with a key deposit so you could not go out to find clients and bring them back, if you get my meaning here. There were not big X’s on the windows but that is the kind of rating that neighborhood would have had. I tried a number of places over several blocks and they were all the same. I started getting more and more uncomfortable, when I realized I had no idea where I was in a huge, possibly dangerous city in the wee hours of the morning. Finally I just took one of the motels, and paid their $50 key deposit for the night. When I went to my room, I found out the walls were covered with mirrors and there were two tiny little towels and a small bar of soap in the bathroom. Extremely yucky, however I was still chanting the Gayatri, and I asked Archangel Michael to fill me with Divine Light, and surround the room with 3 rings of Golden Light.

I went to the car and found my own bedding, the flowers I had brought for the teacher, and some candles and spiritual pictures to make a little altar so I could bring more positive energy into the place. I placed my bedding over the bedspread with my head facing the pictures, candles and flowers at the foot of the bed. I am not sure if I slept much. I know that whenever I surfaced in consciousness, I was still chanting the Gayatri mantra. At one point I heard someone try to open the door but the chain was on it, and I just lay there repeating my mantra, filling and surrounding me in Light. As soon as there was a hint of dawn I jumped up, did a small shower and put on clean clothes. I gathered up all my things and prepared to make one big fast trip to the car and get out of there. But I could not find the key for which I had given the $50 deposit. I looked everywhere, and said my usual “find it” prayers, until finally it was getting later and I just decided to go. When I opened the door, the prayers must have worked because I did find the key. I had left the key in the door lock outside the room. I was so freaked out the night before that I had not been grounded and acted stupidly, and yet the Divine Light of God still protected me. I will never forget that demonstration of power and Divine Grace.

Divine Light as a Spiritual Tool in any Situation

That was in 2002, and over the years I have still been using this prayer and working with Divine Light as a spiritual tool. I consider it one of the most powerful teachings I have ever received. I have been very fortunate in my life to have met and spent time absorbing the wisdom of some very evolved teachers. To have that deep connection was necessary for my spiritual growth. We are in a very different time right now – a time when it is possible to contact the inner wisdom that lives within each of us. The veils are much thinner between worlds, and the frequency of energy on the planet has quickened to such an extent that we are able to immerse ourselves in the vastness of Light in the Divine Heart, and receive Love and Wisdom to our greatest capacity. Of course, we still have those who inspire us through the media, books or meetings and this is appropriate. We need to take these teachings and apply them to our daily life, so we gain more inner balance and less separation. At the same time we also have access to our Higher Self and teachings that are available in a way that was never possible before.

The Gabriel Message Cards say: The teachers you seek are Truth and Wisdom. They are within you. The vast intelligence of the Divine Light carries the truth and wisdom, as well as the love we are seeking. There is nourishment and inspiration available when we tap into the power of Divine Light. Working with Light is the first step to any of my spiritual practices. I have seen Divine Light clear the way within my own body and clear the way for me to be safe in the world. I have watched Divine Light working within the body of a client and seen its powerful process connecting them to their soul’s purpose. I have experienced Divine Light as the one tool that I can use for any situation and any person no matter what it is, knowing that Divine Light is a valuable, empowered energy force that can bring healing. I know that Divine Light carries the Love and Intelligence of God so it is able to find its way into areas where its healing power is most needed and will do the work required in perfect Divine Order.

Archangel Gabriel said to me, “Receive Light. Give Light. Be Light.” And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: April 24, 2011

Shanta is available for private spiritual sessions and also will be teaching some of these powerful Divine Light techniques at the Terra Nova Summit conference in Quebec, June 10-12. More information at www.TheGabrielMessages.com.

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