Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ 11:11 Codes of Awakening ~ 1/ 5/2017

Day 5 – New Year’s Anusthan

With huge blankets of snow all around me I nestle into the sacred space that has been activated by our spiritual practice together. The winter phenomenon provides a powerful inward focus and lets me expand energetically in a very safe way.

In some teachings, Archangel Gabriel is the regent of Winter. In others it is said the Mt. Shasta, in Northern California where I live, is the retreat of Archangel Gabriel. I am not sure why an Archangel needs a retreat, but I certainly feel his presence here, and know he is gifting our Anusthan with more expansive awareness.

This day is also the birthday of Paramahansa Yogananda. This enlightened master is responsible for my awakening and the awakening of millions of souls on the Earth. At Steve Jobs funeral he gave every person The Autobiography of a Yogi.

Today is also the last day of the Twelve Holy Nights of Christmas, and in the Holy Nights practice (available on my website), we light a Gold candle tonight to anchor Epiphany. Through out the Twelve Holy Nights, the Archangels have been holding the veils open for us to bring more Light and Clarity into this sacred time on Earth.

This year, the Archangels are expanding this portal until January 11, so we can anchor the powerful presence of the Divine Feminine onto the Earth through the codings of the 11:11 frequency.

Allow the power of this Light to flow into every area of your life as you anchor it, grounding the frequencies of new Revelation and Epiphany to be a catalyst for new Life on Earth in 2017.

Here is your gift from Archangel Gabriel for today:

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 5, 2017

Dear Ones,

For many in the world, today is a day called Epiphany. It is a time when new Light shines through the darkness and clarity prevails.

Know that this truly is the process in action as the 11:11 coding activates the frequencies of illumination. However as much as you would like to have a more enlightened perspective once and for all in every area of your life, that is not how the process works in 5D realities.

What you will experience is Illumination winking in and out of your perception. You are receiving activated awareness moment to moment like the sun breaking through the clouds. You absolutely know that the Light of the Sun will come back to shine again and you do not stress yourself by trying to figure out when. Remember this Truth as you receive Divine Light into your consciousness as well.

II is an act of Faith to remember this Truth that Divine Light is always shining and to also be aware of the aspects of Divine Timing present at all times. So consciously you align yourself with the Divine Love within your heart and the cells of your body. You set your intentions to be in harmony with Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance because that is the essence of the reality you are creating with the 11:11 code activation.

Your true Divine Nature and the New Earth is birthing through your consciousness and is your spiritual practice at this time. The power of your awareness is gifting all Life by anchoring these activated codes onto the planet.

The Light Fields are very full right now. It is like all humanity is pregnant with new life birthing Divine Light into the world.

The structures are being set into place in this fullness and because they hold the intelligence and love of the sacred Feminine consciousness, and there is a flowing format of Flexibility that has never been experienced before.

Let yourself bask in the glow of that very expansive creative perspective. Allow yourself to receive the deep feminine energy, let it flow through your body and anchor it deeply into the Wellbeing available in your base chakra and on the Earth. Receive the nourishment as you anchor Divine Light into the world. Know that through you it is done and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 5, 2017


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