Every morning
creation calls you by name
wakes you up with a hint
of paths to walk
roses to smell
stories to carry from inside to out

Every morning the day
sprawls itself across your life-
an empty canvas
begging for a masterpiece
of vermilion ideas,
crimson conversations,
quiet time in viridian forests.

“Slow down!” it warns
from the blue horizon-
its recipe for joy
a subtle nudging
to turn off the noise
that pounds at your life.

Every morning
creation asks for your help
in growing the beauty,
turning the awe into cello sonatas,
plein air paintings, rap songs and sonnets
to give to the wind

Every morning
the arms of the world stretch around you
and give you the chance
to make finite the Infinite,
enflesh the Word
that breathes you alive.

Come out! calls creation
Come alive and see:

The spark of the comet
is in your eye

The dust of the stars
is under your nails.

You are creation
exploding into love

heaven slipping through a wormhole
for a tryst with earth.
Nothing but love
wherever you look.
©2012 Jan Phillips

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