Creating a Body of Rainbow Light

A guided journey to empower new structural foundations for your life

Shanta Gabriel and a dedicated group gathered for an enlightening 14-week class series, The Archangel Transmissions: Opening to Our Soul's Light. During the final meeting, Shanta guided the group in a beautiful, heartfelt meditation, now available to you.

In this special 17-minute journey, you experience immersion into your chakra system with transmissions from the Archangels represented in each one. The energies are powerful, and this meditation carries the intention of strengthening its frequencies whenever it is played.

At the completion of the meditation, you step into your Rainbow Light Body for an alignment that bridges Heaven to Earth within your core energy channels. This experience gives you a sacred place to come back to within yourself again and again as you expand your perceptions and empower the new structural foundations for your life.

"I'm a highly sensitive empath, and the recent volcanic activity, earthquakes and tsunami have been playing havoc with me. It's especially challenging at night, when anxiety in my stomach keeps me from sleeping. Then comes the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse! I'm so thankful you chose to feature this guided meditation at this challenging time. I listened to it and immediately felt more calm. And even better, FINALLY I had a good night's sleep! I'm relieved and thrilled. Thank you!"

"I love love love this meditation. I listened to it twice already. Thank you so much."

Find a quiet place and enjoy the first five minutes:

Creating a Body of Rainbow Light - mp3
Creating a Body of Rainbow Light - mp3
A powerful guided meditation by Shanta Gabriel recorded May 9, 2018. Background music by Thaddeus.
Price: $12.00

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman