Creating a Sacred Space for your Spiritual Practice

The Importance of a Spiritual Practice

For nearly 40 years, I have had a daily spiritual practice. Sometimes it has taken hours and sometimes only five minutes. The important thing seems to be that I dedicated a portion of my day to my spirit, and evoked the power of God in my life. I continuously call in the Divine Light and do my best to continue my prayers throughout the day, so there will be a minimum of separation between my daily world and my spiritual life.

With that in mind, I wanted to make some suggestions for creating a spiritual practice, and inviting the Archangels into your life. When you invite the presence of Angels, you are uniting Heaven and Earth within you.  In order to really experience the power of this transformative evolution, it requires you to make some changes in your physical world to raise your vibrational frequency.  Angels live in a world of higher frequencies, a more subtle energy than where we humans normally dwell in our physical world of the five senses.  We need to create a space within and around us that will allow us more access to the Angelic Dimensions, in order to be able to perceive and receive from this Divine Presence.  Fortunately we are in a time where the veils between the dimensions are very thin making it more accessible to our physical world.  The Angels are also very interested in interacting with the humans at this time of rapid change on earth. I really do believe they do not want us to blow ourselves, or more precisely, the earth up. The earth has been a very important experiment in the heavenly realms offering multi-focused incarnations for our soul’s learning.  We carry the possibility of a very evolved species who has been offered Free Will to learn lessons on a planet that is also evolving.  I have a sense that heaven awaits to see if we choose Divine Light over more earthly possibilities in our evolution.

As the core vibration of the planet is increasing, and time appears to be speeding up, there is more urgency.  We are balanced on a fine line of change, and polarities between the Light and the dark are ever more apparent.  Because our thoughts and actions have an impact on the frequency of the planet, as well as our own lives, it becomes of paramount importance to hold your thoughts in alignment with Divine Love as much as you can.  In order to do this, here are some suggestions to be used as tools to assist this unfolding awareness in your life.  Simple actions offer huge rewards in your happiness quotient.

Suggestions for Spiritual Practice

1. Create a gratitude or blessing journal.  Write down every day 10 things that you are grateful for, or you noticed as a blessing that day.  These can be as simple as a beautiful sunset, or a kind word from a stranger.  Gratitude opens your heart, and will raise your vibration.  Try it when you are feeling “down.”  Begin to praise your life and you will find yourself “uplifted.”  That is your vibrational frequency in action.

2. Clear your home (or at least the space where you meditate) of clutter. Clutter drags down your mind. If you have no room to put things away, recycle or give old things to a place where they will be used. Give away old clothing that looks frumpy or you have not worn in two years. You will feel a sense of freedom indicating a raised vibration. Even though it may be cold, open a window at least once per day to bring in fresh air. It will really make a difference in the energy of your space.

3.  Create an altar for your meditation space. In a room that has been cleared of clutter, create a sacred space on a flat surface.  You can use a dresser, a table, or even cover a box with a beautiful cloth.  Make a space out of something you do not use for anything else. (In other words, do not use your bedside table with the lamp you turn on, or where you place things next to your bed)

On this flat surface, place a beautiful cloth if necessary to cover it.  Add a candle and at least one flower.  This is really all you need to do. The light of the candle and the beauty of the flower will attract angelic energy.  As you light that candle every day, it will engage your spirit in a way that prepares you for meditation.  You can also add a crystal, a statue, an inspiring painting or photograph.  The idea is that you create a space that will cause you to feel calm and uplifted when you sit there.  Do not clutter up your altar or add anything that does not make you feel peaceful.  Clean it monthly. The new moon is a good time for this.

Clear the energy in the room with incense (sandalwood is especially cleansing), sage smoke, or if you prefer not to use smoke, you can use aromatherapy. A few drops of sage in a spray bottle of water can make a marvelous cleansing spray for any area that feels stagnant.  It can be especially useful after a disharmonious encounter with another person, after using a computer or TV for a period of time, or before a healing treatment.  Soft, uplifting music, Tibetan bells, rain sticks, or even clapping your hands in the corners of the room will break up stagnant energy.

Come to this place every day to practice your meditation, deep breathing, or writing in your angel journal.  You can clear your mind to prepare for meditation if necessary by taking some time to write out your thoughts in a stream of consciousness.  Use a different pad of paper than your journals, because this will not be something you will want to read or keep. You can even burn the paper if it feels like that will help you release the old thoughts and begin anew. When you do these acts in a beautiful ritual way, your spirit becomes engaged, and your consciousness is uplifted.  This will make your being much more attractive to the Angelic Dimensions.

4. Notice any synchronous experiences.  This is one way the angels let us know that we are being cared for.  There is a creative solution for every situation, so know that your awareness of seeming coincidences indicates heavenly assistance in your world. Your prayers for help are always answered.  You can write these experiences down in your angel journal to assist your faith in the unseen world.

5. Continue your prayers for more Light in your life. We are definitely here to be an anchor for Divine Light on the planet at this time.  The Divine Light carries refined qualities of Love and Intelligence.  This Light can be used for healing in any situation, near or far.  The more you receive Divine Light into your being, the more enlightened you will feel.  Your life will improve on every level as the presence of Light produces an alchemical change. You become a Beacon of Light in the world, and this is the blessed energy we need on earth right now.

May you find peace and many blessings as you dedicate your life to greater service and awakening your creative potential so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose.  Thank you for the many ways you serve the planet by your evolution in consciousness. I am grateful to be working with you in this process.

Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: May 23, 2011

(Dear Ones, this is a chapter in my new book, Communion with Angels. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanking you, Shanta)


  1. Heidi on August 3, 2011 at 6:31 am

    Thank you very much for this!
    Love and Bliss,
    Heidi 🙂

  2. Liz W on May 24, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you Shanta – this is perfect and exactly the message I needed to hear. I’m off to clear our the clutter right now and make a sacred space for me.
    Thank you

  3. Crystal Weaver on May 24, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Thank you so much for this sharing, it is very helpful, many blessings to you and yours! Namaste!

  4. Karen Tamble on May 24, 2011 at 4:15 am

    good to know:)

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