Communion With Angels -
Your Personal Connection with Archangel Gabriel!

This program is dedicated to Archangel Gabriel and his teachings


For the first time, I offer you an opportunity to work with me personally to experience Communion With Angels! 

It is my honor to share the original, life-changing teachings that I received from Archangel Gabriel in 1990, and transmit the energy matrix that is within these life-changing techniques and practices. Within these teachings is the depth of connection and love that has sustained me since 1990.

We all want to access a channel to timeless wisdom, and it is available within us. These teachings touch my heart deeply, because they activated my spiritual attunement and allowed me to receive my own answers. I know this is an important requirement for your Soul Purpose or you would not be in touch with me.

Do you trust in your own inner guidance? Do you know the inner voice of your Soul? Would you like to have access to the wisdom of the Angels?

In this personalized month long intensive, I will share Archangel Gabriel's teachings in a way that will enable you to connect with your Higher Self and the Angelic Dimensions -- so that you can receive the answers you need, and bless your life as well.

As we work together in our dedicated spiritual practice, you will be able to use the techniques and tools that brought forth the messages from Archangel Gabriel that have inspired thousands of people worldwide.

Shanta Gabriel

“So profound and helpful. True spiritual substance.”

What You Can Expect...

Taking these teachings to a deeper, more experiential level, you can expect to be able to:

  • Create a personal connection to the wisdom and guidance of the Archangels
  • Receive answers to questions about your life -- big or small
  • Develop your “intuition muscle” for direct personal access to Truth and Wisdom
  • Open your Receiving Channels
  • Inspire your Creativity
  • Anchor Light frequencies within you to create more depth of Inner Knowing

What Your Personal Program Includes?

Your program with me includes:


~ Timeless Practices for Living in Light

A recording to create a foundation of understanding.

~ 3 teleconference recordings

Derived from my Communion with Angels class.

~ Study materials

Creating your spiritual practice for channeling.

~ Archangel Gabriel Meditation mp3

Enhancing your own personal experience of the Gabriel energy frequencies.

~ 3 private sessions!

Deepening your attunement levels.




~ Unlimited email access during the program to answer any questions.

~ Access to the inspirational Gabriel Messages Online Book and Cards.

~ Personalized Flower Essence to deepen communication channels.

“My energy has shifted and I can immediately feel the connection to my inner self. I now have more joy in my work and I’m able to radiate this into my world.”

"Your [program] opened up a whole new world for me as I felt very empty and searching for something. You gave me more than I knew I was looking for.”

“Thank you for providing substance that is so “do-able! Grounding and peace bringing — mostly beyond words – so much love growing daily. Since I am a mother, time is of the essence.”

I Invite you to Join Me!

I welcome you into this amazing world of Alignment with Archangel Gabriel.

With blessings and love,

Communion With Angels - Personal Program
Communion With Angels - Personal Program
One-month program with Shanta Gabriel
Price: $777.00


Shanta Gabriel