Gay Head Lighthouse. Photo by Andrew Euell

Do you trust in your own inner guidance?
Do you know the voice of your Soul?
Would you like to have access to the wisdom of the Angels?


Our own Soul's guidance

I feel greatly honored to be able to welcome you to join us on this beautiful island forming a sacred circle to receive the love, light and guidance of the Archangels. As they help us connect with our Higher Self, we are able to open to the beautiful light and direction of own intuition, a great blessing — and our natural birthright!

Communing With Angels is an experiential, illuminated class to enable you to connect with your intuition and gain access with your personal guiding Angels.


In our time together you will:

• Create a personal connection to the wisdom and guidance of the Archangels

• Receive answers to questions about your life — big or small

• Develop your “intuition muscle” for direct personal access to Truth and Wisdom

• Open your Receiving Channels

• Inspire your Creativity

• Connect to the Light frequencies within you to create a deeper sense of Knowing.


As you become a bridge from Heaven to Earth, your life becomes a radiant demonstration of inspired action, and you experience more love and peace within yourself. Creativity flows more effortlessly, and you learn to trust yourself, your Angelic teachers, and the wisdom that is available within you much more deeply.



Afternoons at the Vineyard

The timing of this workshop is designed so you can enjoy exploring the island of Martha’s Vineyard each day after the workshop is complete. Martha's Vineyard is a charming light-filled island. Each afternoon you will have time to explore the island, bathed in light and the revitalizing ions of the ocean air. At ease and refreshed, you are better able to assimilate the morning's profound experiences.


We join together

Communing with Angels class takes place Saturday, June 30 from 9 to 1.  The class will be complete by 1 pm so you can go out for lunch and enjoy exploration of the beautiful island, or catch your ferry home.

Connect more deeply with your own soul's voice!

Join us in Light-filled Martha's Vineyard

What participants say about my classes


"For me Shanta continues to hold the sacred mirror for the expansion of my souls Best and highest good. She is a clear vessel for Divine Light and for this I am grateful."

"Probably the most wonderful of gifts in participating in these classes is not feeling quite so alone in my walk in the world - and igniting my inner confidence to be all that I am. The inner knowing Shanta is holding for each of us during our time together is immeasurable. Thank you."

"I have never experienced someone who has impacted my life and my heart so genuinely… so profoundly within such a short period of 'time'… and I am only one of many fortunate souls who have been and continue to be blessed by you… your warmth, kindness, caring, openness… your love. You share yourself, your knowledge and wisdom so openly… with such grace, humility and humor. You… your authentic self… people are drawn to you… searching for something… hungry for peace… wanting for that which is within but seemingly missing and you guide them into the light and teach them how to bring light – replacing the darkness… sharing the tools you have gathered… your vast knowledge... healing… guiding… sharing your soul… always with love… always genuine. This world and all who share in it are better and brighter because of you."

"So grateful for the guidance, clearing and recognition that now there is the support needed to be successful. Your compassion, kindness, caring, humor, the Angels and the messages themselves were immensely beneficial to me... bringing comfort, clarity, support, lessons and love... to name a few."

"Thanks for spreading the Light... It's people like you who keep me going and learning and feeling that I'm not alone in this. I resonate to your words/vibration."

"Thank you so much for this inspirational, uplifting prayers as well as the knowledge and assurance that we are indeed cared for and nurtured by Spirit and these incredible Angelic Beings!

The advice, teachings, tools and lessons you've shared with me in combination with the warmth, patience, kindness, love, light and humor of you and your delivery are true blessings for me. I feel almost like I've been on a spiritual path "fast-track" style and it's absolutely amazing!!"

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