Celebration of the Twelve Holy Nights – Part 1

The celebration of the Holy Nights, or the Twelve Nights of Christmas is observed in many cultures. It can be celebrated as an Inner Journey one takes to give birth to the sun within our being in order to illuminate the darkness. The Holy Nights begin in the season of winter in the Northern Hemisphere when the forces of Nature have withdrawn into the earth. Outwardly, there is usually snow and coldness, a stillness that is not available at other more active times of the year. This mirrors a longing for inner peace that is not easily available in a western, outwardly material culture.

Symbolically the midnight sun is the dwelling place at the heart of the Mother,
the golden sphere at the center, sometimes called Shamballah. In the mystery school traditions, the rite of initiation often entailed a meditation to bring forth this vision of the golden light at the center of the earth. It is humanity’s task to bring light to the Earth at this time. Through our loving deeds, Nature is sanctified and healed so the Earth is helped in its evolution.

Archangel Gabriel is the Regent of Winter
. He is God’s Harbinger of New Birth streaming the awakening spiritual forces to humanity.

During the celebration of the Holy Nights, the windows of the heavens are open so it is possible to see your potential in a new way. The veils are lifted between Heaven and Earth. The Archangels are free to create a chorus of revelation and complete knowledge is possible. The Archangels watch over the welfare of nations and communities. During the 12 Nights, the Archangels create an unbroken circle of brotherhood, and all nationalities disappear. It is a demonstration of future possibilities for true Peace on Earth. Pay special attention to your dreams during this time as they can become prophetic.

Each night is highlighted at sundown with the lighting of a special color candle. There is also a sign of the zodiac, a virtue to be intended for the New Year, and a spiritual hierarchy to be honored. If desired, the 12 previous months can be explored for the lessons learned and the accomplishments achieved. We will literally be giving birth to a new world through our love and honoring of the earth and the stars. This creates a beautiful ladder from Heaven to Earth through this observance of the Etheric Forces of Creation.

Through the work of Karen Rivers of the Sophia Foundation, and the inspiration of Rudolf Steiner, I will share the following celebration of the Twelve Nights of Christmas. (Be aware that Steiner and those who study his work use the Sidereal form of astrology, so all aspects of the astrology in these rituals follow that form.)

The ritual for the Twelve Nights uses candles in 12 different colors placed in a circle with a gold candle, honoring the golden light of the sun, in the center. If you can find them, these are the colors suggested: Deep Red, Rose, Peach, Red-Violet, Blue-Violet, Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Gold.

You will be able to retrieve the ritual with the prayers that can be used each night as we continue through the celebration of the Holy Nights so we can be bringing this powerful Light to Earth together.


The first Holy Night is celebrated on Christmas Eve, December 24.

Many different traditions honor this night as a birth of an illuminated soul to illuminate the darkness. The Candle is a Deep Red color. Honoring Pisces, the human kingdom and the virtue of Magnanimity, the human potential for Divine Awakening since humans are the only animal that builds temples and libraries to hold Wisdom. Remember the month of December.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Pisces,
Streaming magnanimity toward human evolution,
Awakening the conscious self, in freedom and love.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Love is the meaning of life on earth.

We hold this truth, honoring Human Beings, standing at the threshold of the future, and bearing the evolution of the earth. Together we practice magnanimity in human souls, participate in the Great Work, and the fulfillment of Eternal Love.

* * * * *

On December 25, the candle is Rose color. Honoring Aquarius, and the virtue of Discretion leading to strength of mind. We honor and send gratitude to our Guardian Angel who has been with me and each human soul from the moment of incarnation, in enduring unconditional love. Our Guardian Angels long to help us and need to be asked. Remember the month of November.

With Love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Aquarius,
Pouring forth heavenly wisdom and harmony,
Awakening human beings to know the self as spirit.
We receive from you the great teaching that
In silence, the flowering of discretion
Becomes an ever-deepening meditative force of contemplation.

Angels, who guard, defend, protect, cherish and guide human beings, revealing the Spirit Soul, kin to the sylphs (Elementals of the Air), let us behold you.


* * * * *

On December 26, the candle is Peach color. Honoring Capricorn symbolizing human ability to seek high places in our inner life and live humbly. The virtue is Courage to overcome fear and break through rigidity.

Hold with great love and gratitude the Archangels, beings who oversee Nations and Seasons, who nurture community by encouraging all people who resonate with spiritual traditions to create family. Remember the month of October.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Capricorn.
Enkindlng courage in human hearts,
To overcome resistance of soul – to create a future of goodness.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Courage on the path of initiation
Fosters love that shall have the power to redeem.

Archangels, who teach human hearts to understand each other’s speech, bringing about community in the Love of the Holy Spirit, kin to the Undines (Elementals of the water), let us behold you.

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  1. Olivier on December 28, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Thank you so much Shanta for sharing all of this. It is very precious to have such guides for living fully the Holy Nights and being more conscious of the active forces throughout the year.
    Could you share you sources of information, I am also reading at the same time Sergei Prokofieff book but wonder where are from the little mediation texts, the virtues you associate, the color of the candles, the month to remember, are they from Karen Rivers or any book you would suggest ?
    It is so surprisingly all in harmony, can’t wait to see what the year will bring in relation to all this.
    I send you all the sparkling lights shining on the snow flakes falling in the high alps of France.
    Beautiful celebrations to you all.
    With love, Olivier

    • Shanta Gabriel on December 28, 2018 at 11:00 am

      What a beautiful message Olivier, thank you. Here is Karen’s email: karen@karenrivers.info

      Through classes and studies with Karen I pulled together her traditional 12 Nights information. She studied for many years at Rudolph Steiner University and I believe this is a teaching from that lineage. She is an amazing and talented teacher. I highly recommend her work. I am so glad that you find it useful. It has certainly brought more meaning and blessings to me for the time after Christmas. The US does not usually observe this beautiful ritual. Love and Blessings to you for a beautiful empowering New Year. Shanta

  2. Caite on December 24, 2018 at 10:20 am


    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING ALL YOUR WISDOM AND LIGHT WITH OUR WORLD…May Peace Reign on earth and inner hearts…Many Blessings!!

    • Shanta Gabriel on December 24, 2018 at 3:15 pm

      It is my honor! Thank you for all that you do and are. You are a blessing to the world. Merry Christmas! Shanta

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