Celebration of the Twelve Holy Nights – Completion

Through the sacred time of the 12 Holy Nights, we have entered into the Mystery Center as an initiation experience with the heart of the Earth. In meditation, perhaps we have perceived the Golden Midnight Sun through the window between the Solar/Lunar calendar, a precious space given to us when the veils drop between the dimensions.

During this time the Archangels have been creating a chorus of Revelation offering us knowledge that is only possible during the Holy Nights. All nationalities have disappeared as the Archangels have created an unbroken circle of Brotherhood within all beings. They are offering us this image as a vision for the future.

We have been gifted with the ability to see in a new way during this Space of Holiness. Our Spirit has been able to revitalize during our dream time, and our Soul has brought resolution to many areas in our lives. We can now travel with our Archangel into the Heart of the Earth and up to the Spiritual Realms. With all these gifts we can then receive Epiphany, a new ability to perceive our world and ourselves from a spiritual vantage point and begin this new year of Awakening Life refreshed, renewed, and recharged by the Divine within us.

January 2 – 10th Night

On this night we honor Gemini, the twins who long for community. They represent our two arms. The Virtue is Perseverance to fulfill our Soul’s destiny leading us to True Faith. The hierarchy is Seraphim, the masters of Love streaming Love throughout the Universe. We can ask to become a vessel of Love, allow ourselves to be filled with the never-ending supply and feel gratitude.

Lighting a Yellow Candle, we remember  the month of March. The following prayers are offered:

With Love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Gemini,
Uniting the community of humanity in the warmth of love.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Faithful is she who, by working ceaselessly to make something of herself,
Fulfills what she owes the world and the people linked with her by destiny.

Seraphim, Spirits of Divine Love, whose love is so swift that in seeing God’s thought, it is wrought already, let us behold you.


January 3

On this Holy Night we light the Orange Candle honoring the Holy Spirit. We remember February and the sign of Taurus where Balance leads to Progress. The Virtue is Balance within you of Soul, Body and Spirit. It is also Balance of our Outer Work with our Inner Life which leads us to forward progress in our Soul’s progression. Within the hierarchy of the Divine Spirit is the beginning of our ability to Love God as the Creator of all things.

With Love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of  Taurus, Bearers of the power of the Word, Bestowing the gift of speech and the capacity of hearing. We receive from you the great teaching that Inner Balance of the Soul leads to world attunement, manifesting in progress on the spiritual path.

Holy Spirit, who is the fire of love streaming forth from the Fountainhead of Creation ~ Let us receive you. Through you, may we grow from receiving to giving, serving the fulfillment of Love on the Earth.


January 4

On this day we light the Red candle honoring Christ and Sophia – Divinity in Sacred Masculine and Feminine form. We remember January and the sign of Aires.  The image of the Lamb of God. The Virtue of Devotion leading to self-sacrifice. Contemplation of the Christ bringing Spirit Light to the Earth.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Aries, who instill uprightness and the power of thinking, Pouring forth the fountain of Divine Love. We receive from you the great teaching that Devotion leads to the power of self-sacrifice, serving human evolution.

Christed One, Spirit of Eternal Love, bearer of the evolution of the Earth and humanity ~ abide in us, that we, through Thee, may serve the fulfillment of Earth evolution.


January 5

On this night of Holy Epiphany, we light the candle of  transcendent Gold, representing the Highest Light, circling stars, Divine Father and Mother – the foundation of all Creation. We have created the whole circle, a spiral of encircling stars. All the Virtues are now integrated through the force of Divine Love.

We now see the year as a whole and have prepared the foundation for the coming year. The Holy Wholeness of ascending stages of world consciousness allow us to unite with a true Spiritual Reality, Oneness with All Life.

With love we turn to the Eternal Being Who crowns the heavens with stars, whose Infinite Love streams through the cosmos, bearing the divine essence of creation, Through the expanse of space, into the core of the Earth, and entering the depths of our inner being.

Transcendent and Immanent One, Seed and Source of the Universe, guide us that we may serve Thy Will.


May you each find the sacred place within yourself that allows you to perceive with the eyes and ears of the Divine. You are gathering in community with many who share your perceptions and will work with you in transcendent and holy ways. You are not alone.

Know that there is New Life Awakening within your heart that will bless each day of 2020 with Abundant Love, Wellness and Deep Spiritual Harmony.

And so it is.

In Gratitude, Shanta Gabriel

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