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The Solstice is a perfect time to join with all the Light Workers focused on bringing Light, Healing and Forgiveness into the Gulf of Mexico. Let this event be the catalyst for our Spontaneous Awakening on the planet. We are able to use this powerful energy when we focus together to bring Divine Light to all the beings in the Gulf – those that walk on two feet, swim, crawl or fly!

See the beautiful prayer I posted from Dr. Emoto on this blog last week if you don’t know what to say! We don’t need any more anger or fear. We are here to transmute this energy into the Light of Healing. We can do this and June 21 is the perfect day as we celebrate the longest moment of Light in the Northern Hemisphere. Please join with me and so many others to send beautiful and healing Divine Light to the Gulf of Mexico. As we send our blessing energy into the waters we are lifting the frequency into the Light of Peace, Harmony and Cooperation. It is a magnificent opportunity. Let’s not waste this crisis!

Love, Shanta

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