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A Call for Soul Community

There is a call from many people I speak to in private sessions for a sense of Soul Community. Most are asking for a powerful support system with like-minded beings who can help to hold a greater vision for life. They have found that due to so many rapid changes in their lives, the friends and family support network they have counted on is no longer available. Highly energetically sensitive individuals have also found it necessary, because of the intensity of electromagnetic energies around the planet now, to spend more time in quiet solitude so they can stay in balance within themselves.

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Announcing the Immersion into Light Circle

Are you feeling the delicious pull to join with other like-minded Souls who are dedicated to the Evolution of Consciousness on Earth? I am thrilled to announce my Immersion into Light Circle, an empowering monthly program designed by the Archangels, that enables us as a group to hold a vision for true Freedom, Peace and Harmony within all beings and for the Earth.

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Announcing the Temple of Light Meditation Series

Imagine having a personal sacred temple that you can enter at any time to connect with divine guidance, receive healing, and align with your Soul’s greatest gifts. In this set of 3 transformational meditations, you will be guided to create and access your own Temple of Light.

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Join Us for Spring Equinox Teleconference 2015

Planting the Garden of Your Soul   Equinox/Solar Eclipse Teleconference March 20, 2015 – 5:30 pm PDT, 8:30 EDT ‏ A recording of the teleconference is available below. “I so enjoyed last night’s meditation! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate in an international circle of loving and healing.”   Celebrate the Equinox/Solar Eclipse…

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