Ground Excess Energy

When my mentor suggested the need to ground my thoughts and emotional states, it became clear that I really never felt safe to be in my body. This was a revelation of sorts. I had never felt “at home” on the planet. Like the story of the missing zygote in Women Who Run with the Wolves, I was sure there had been some mistake and I had landed here by accident.

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Anchoring True Wisdom Within You

Becoming a blended being, integrating our most divine selves with our most human, has been a great challenge. We see ourselves growing and know in our hearts how we want to relate to others and show up in the world, and yet we often fall short of our intentions. At these times, being compassionate and patient can be difficult.

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A Message for Spring (Read by April 4!)

This has been a challenging eclipse cycle for most of us, highlighting often disturbing extremes of light and dark. I want to give you a personal heads-up about the offerings that are being inspired by the Archangels to assist you in relieving stress and opening new possibilities for making life in these shifting times more comfortable.

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March Special – Assistance for Your Upcoming Turning Points

This March, there will be two eclipses that will stir up the places within you that are ready to change. Each eclipse is a turning point in your life that provides access to new potential. They are known as “cosmic wildcards” that offer a “break to realign.” These Eclipse portals may lead to uncomfortable feelings that are natural as you open to your process of integrating those areas of your life that will be up for review. Allow Shanta to provide helpful assistance as you move through the eclipse cycles and the changes they are stimulating within your life.

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Announcing the Temple of Light Meditation Series

Imagine having a personal sacred temple that you can enter at any time to connect with divine guidance, receive healing, and align with your Soul’s greatest gifts. In this set of 3 transformational meditations, you will be guided to create and access your own Temple of Light.

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