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"Thank you so much for your support for my spiritual path. I find much encouragement as I read your articles which I receive regularly. It is most fitting that your beautiful work is also at the sacred mountain."

Mystic Living Today Magazine

By Shanta Gabriel | Sep 5, 2010 |

I am delighted to be asked to submit articles for this wonderfully interesting, on line magazine. I am including a link so you can enjoy it also.

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Mercury Retrograde Moments

By Shanta Gabriel | Aug 23, 2010 |

Photo: Auroras over Earth as seen from space, August 13 (photo by NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock) Hi Everyone, It feels a bit “0therworldly” but here I am in San Diego. This is a trip was designed around an almost emergency dental appointment. I am spending time with family while waiting for the crowns to be made…

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Ducking for Cover or how to face these intense times with more Grace?

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 27, 2010 |

Blessings to all you Dear Ones, This message has been in process for over a month. Things have been changing so quickly, it has been hard to stop and pin down what I wanted to say. We are in such an empowered time with planetary challenges as well as support for accelerated change, accompanied by…

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Bless the Waters with Peace

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 19, 2010 |

Today I am saying prayers for the water, in the midst of beautiful flowing synchronicity. My screen saver right now has shifted to flowing waterfalls and green  covered rocks, and while I write it just shifted to the ocean and a point of land the looks like the area where I grew up in San…

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Conscious Convergence is Changing our World

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 17, 2010 |

This morning I listened to the most powerful teleconference I have ever heard. It was sponsored by and you can listen to its playback. Tomorrow, Sunday 7/18, will be another conference dedicated to Unity Consciousness with Joseph Giove, Dr. Carl Calleman, and Steve Bhaerman, who wrote Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton. An excellent book.…

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July 17-18 Ceremonies for Unity Consciousness

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 14, 2010 |

This weekend, July 17-18, has been specified in the Mayan calendar as our last opportunity to create Unity Consciousness before 2012. Unity Consciousness means to live in harmony with the Earth and all beings, as well as in harmony with the Divine. It is the way most of us would prefer to live. Some do…

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Invocation for the Gulf

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 28, 2010 |

Please see this amazing video and pray with me. Together we can do this.  Also please read the message below to the Family of Light. To the Family of Light You are here to create a transcendent reality. You hold the power of Light together, with the image and belief of a New Earth.…

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From Tragedy to Transcendence

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 24, 2010 |

Can you feel it? It’s here now. The quantum leap of humanity, a shift in mass consciousness is underway. This is the hour we have been waiting for. Guard your thoughts, children of the Light. Hold to the Love within all things, and transmute disharmony into Peace. It is a process and it has begun.…

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Celebrate the Solstice and Heal the Gulf!

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 20, 2010 |

Celebrate the Summer Solstice by joining Shanta Gabriel and Kelly Beard from, for a Free Teleconference tonite! Register for this class at the above link and receive an extra 15 minute added FREE to a regular 30 minute Angelic Life Path Reading. (A $45 value) Sign up by June 30! The Solstice is…

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Cleaning up our Psyche to help the Gulf

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 17, 2010 |

Dr. Emoto’s award winning experiments with water proved the power of our thoughts to impact water in what appeared to be, miraculous ways. Just placing words such as Peace and Love on top of a glass of water caused beautiful crystalline structures to manifest. The inverse was also true, when hateful, angry words were used,…

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