Bless the Waters with Peace

Today I am saying prayers for the water, in the midst of beautiful flowing synchronicity. My screen saver right now has shifted to flowing waterfalls and green  covered rocks, and while I write it just shifted to the ocean and a point of land the looks like the area where I grew up in San Diego.

On my birthday, July 6, I always do a divination for the energies that will accompany my new year. One of those cards was called Water and it was from the Wisdom of the Four Winds, a beautiful set based on Maori teachings by Barry Brailsford. It speaks of the remaining waters as one great Ocean that carries the energy of the people. It continues:

“Water joins us with the primal energy that brought the Earth into being. It is the beginning and the continuance. It runs through us as the great river of life. We are of water, and it is of us. Without it we would not be. Water affirms your journey, tells you to honor yourself. It gifts to you the seven colors that ride the heavens, for it calls forth rainbows. Bring its light into your life, set aside concerns that weigh heavily upon you, and hear once more the song of the seer who holds the dream.

Cleanse hurts that move deep within you. Go to Water. Sit beside it and feel the wonder of its music. Bring your pain to the river, gather sorrow carried far too long, and forgive yourself, and others for old wrongs. Gently lift water to your head to wash away your burdens.

Take Water in deeply. Know the nurture of the stream that mirrors all that has ever been. Dance in the rain, celebrate the waterfall and be joyous with all.”

As I wrote that the water fountains in the courtyard outside my window began their day, and a lake showed up on the screen saver behind my writing.

I am including a beautiful video sent to me from a friend who lives on the Gulf of Mexico. In this video is a call for unified prayer for Peace in the water. I am sending you this so we can use the empowered studies of Dr. Emoto, in order to place our good intentions for Peace in all the waters of the world so it will once again vibrate in harmony with the Divine Blueprint of Perfection within all things. Now my screen saver is showing ocean waves and I am reminded that today we begin the Ninth Wave that leads to Unity Consciousness. All of us working together in harmony with the Divine Plan creates a critical mass of people leading to Spontaneous Evolution of the planet and all beings on our beautiful Earth.

May you flow in Joy and Peace with the Divine,

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