Awakening the Heart of Devotion

An Inspired and Empowering Course in Practical Spirituality — With Shanta Gabriel

Do you seek greater depth and meaning in your life?

Awaken your heart

Awaken your heart to a sense of pure devotion!

This first-time offering from Shanta Gabriel will create opportunities for you to awaken a sense of pure devotion to the Divine Presence within all things and live your daily life as an inspired spiritual practice. By learning and experiencing the depth offered in these ancient techniques, you can:


  • Release feeling apathetic or without purpose
  • Cultivate authentic love that will enhance your daily life
  • Enjoy a more fulfilling connection to your Soul
  • Make your home space and each moment of your life more sacred
  • Anchor Divinity into your human form
  • Have a deeper sense of peace in your heart and calm in your mind

What are you devoted to?

We are all devoted to something greater than ourselves. It only takes a moment to see what most dominates our awareness.

When we include devotion to our most divine selves, we can turn every breath, every step and every aspect of our lives into opportunities for creating a greater sense of Beauty, Peace and Alignment with that which is sacred.

And it's easier and more practical than you may think!

In this new 3-part teleconference series, we'll explore practical ways to include more inspiration, love and guidance to uplift your daily life.

When you incorporate this inspired path into your world, life develops much more purpose and meaning.

What Program Participants Say...

Hear what people in my classes have experienced

Feeling peaceful, blessed

I feel very peaceful...blessed. In my everyday life, I bring Love to all situations that develop around me, whatever the situation. I am always smiling. I feel a great calmness around me. I trust my guidance and intuition and am forever present in the miracles happening around me.

Connected to Source

The prayer of alignment is huge for me because it connects me to My Beloved Source as I make the request to be kept into alignment. Given my nature and temperament I know intuitively that I need this deep connection before I begin my day.

Meet Your Host: Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel

Teaching Practical Spirituality

I've been focused on my devotional spiritual path since 1977, when I met my teacher from India. When I began working with Archangel Gabriel in 1990, my life transformed to encompass the teachings of the Archangels, who have inspired me for over 25 years.

My unique approach to spirituality has been dedicated to practical methods that create unity with the Divine in daily life. Working at the foot of the sacred mountain Mt. Shasta in California, I provide classes and other services that awaken and nourish the soul.

Awakening the Heart of Devotion

This new program has inspired me like none I've produced before. I'm profoundly grateful for all that I have learned, received, practiced and studied in this lifetime.

If you want to learn practical, heart-centered ways to transform your life, I invite you to join us!

Access to higher choices

I've been doing the Anusthan faithfully, and in fact, find myself chanting ALL the time, even when I'm thinking about something else, it is playing in the background of my mind. I have found that for the past several weeks I've had access to much higher vibrational choices...I'm eating healthier and working out consistently.

Feeling alive!

Just wanted to share something that I wrote from my experience with working with the anusthan. I feel like my body, and my whole being is pulsating with the energies of the earth right now, I haven't felt this in a long, since my reiki and meditation days. I feel alive!!!

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Heart?

Awaken your heart of devotion

Explore powerful devotional practices that nourish your soul.

The Ancient Wisdom from India created practices that have been used for thousands of years to connect more deeply with the sacred heart of God within you. This is the basis of Bhakti Yoga, the path of Devotion.

These scientifically-designed devotional practices allow you to feel more aligned within your body to that which nourishes you and provides your life a greater sense of purpose.

The intuitive knowing that this is the right and necessary exercise for my life going forward has given me a wonderful peace and serenity as I start each day. I love 'properly' praying for myself then expanding it to all of humanity in each continuous thought…and, of course, the breath! (class participant)

Bakthi yantra

Discover deceptively simple ways to empower your life.

Most haven't been taught to include a form of spiritual practice in their lives. Westerners are familiar with Hatha Yoga as a form of physical exercise, but this is only one of many ancient yogic practices that purify the heart and create a sense of unity with God. Yoga literally means Union.

In this program, you'll learn techniques from the ancient science of Bhakti Yoga as a guided path to create your life as a spiritual practice. Though Hindu in its lineage, there are many ways Westerners can implement ancient universal truths as beautifully designed and deceptively simple ways to empower our lives.

I,  for the first time, experienced the "I AM" phenomenon.... I felt like my life/my body were prized possessions, but I no longer identified with them, they were no longer the sum total of me. I AM the all...I just AM. (class participant)

Without connection to the Divine we can never be truly at peace, because our Soul is the true source of our sustenance.

This program will provide you inspirational ways to experience:

Less separation in your daily lives and spiritual lives

All life can be in service to the One Presence that is Love and Intelligence. All the practices in this series have been designed by ancient yogis to create sustained focus on God no matter what you are doing in life. From this place, you will experience more peace and the spiritual fulfillment that has blessed millions for centuries.

A direct connection with divinity

Yoga simply means Union with God. There are many paths of Yoga. We will concentrate on the devotional practices that have been used for centuries to transform lives. Using these techniques, we will create a deeper connection to divinity working through us. You will be surprised at the merits of this practice to bring sanctity into your daily life.

The path of devotion includes Mantra Yoga, simple repetitions of the qualities of the Divine. Usually chanted in Sanskrit, English alternatives will be provided. These mantras can be used while meditating, walking, working, driving, or any other forms of daily activity to keep our minds focused on God.

Tools for purifying the heart

In traditional devotional practices, there is a dedication of life to a Higher Power, and a surrender of your work, your health and all your relations to God. Archangel Gabriel has stated, "When you dedicate your life to God you move into the lifestream of pure consciousness where there are no limitations."

This is the purpose of this class series.

Heightened consciousness

In India, there are specific times set aside for a special daily practice for a definite purpose. This is called an Anusthan. We will dedicate time for this practice in our class system.Participating in a dedicated ritual is designed to raise your consciousness so you have a more direct experience of Divine Love and Wisdom. This practice will anchor into your physical body a new sense of connection to the loving Presence that is always with you, guiding you and caring for you throughout Eternity.

More Grace in daily life

When your life is filled with prayer and the exalted frequencies of the Divine, there is a sense of walking hand in hand with that which nourishes and sustains your life in every moment. Your focus of attention will naturally become aligned with a sense of Grace and Blessing. You will gain an experience of Trust and Protection that you may have never known.

New forms of concentration

The ancient yogis created techniques that were scientifically designed to help you concentrate on those aspects of life that most fulfill you. These ancient practices are deceptively simple yet practical and beautifully designed ways to open your heart and bring forth a reality that nourishes you on every level.

In this class, we will be using methods that have purified the heart and transformed lives for centuries. These forms of Yoga will include:

Pranayam - working with the Breath, Brahmanad - working with the science of sound, Jyana - study of ancient wisdom, Karma Yoga - the path of service, Dhyan - meditation, Mantra Yoga - repetition of the virtues of God

Ways to create more trust and protection

Everything in the class has been designed to raise vibrations in your home, in your work place, and in the spiritual core of your being. There is no faster way to be in alignment with the Divine and shift your consciousness so you can see life from a higher perspective.

When you are in this Alignment, you know you can trust your guidance and there is a sense of being protected through your Oneness with all Creation.

Techniques to bring forth gifts of the soul

When you create a sacred space in which to spend time and have a deeper awareness of the Divine working through you, there is a sense of Alignment with Source energy. When you give yourself the opening to receive your guidance, it allows the connection to your Soul to download the gifts that you are here to share with the world.

Methods for creating an environment that feeds you with more energy

It is important that the environments where you spend the most time nourish you physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Techniques will be offered that allow you to create a sacred space wherever you are.

How Do You Choose to Live?


What do you want to serve?

Everybody wants to love and to break the chains to all the things that bind us. These devotional practices have worked for thousands of years to transform lives. There is no need to reinvent relevant processes to enhance life when ancient wisdom provides practices that will surprise you.

This class is for those who want to feel more nourished by life so they can be a more devoted leader, co-worker, partner, parent and friend. In the observance of devotion you will notice more enthusiasm, peace and the ability to sanctify your life so you feel whole.

Without connection to the Divine we can never be truly at peace, because our Soul is the true source of our sustenance.

Amazing experience

Thank you so much for leading this amazing experience! Personally, I never want it to end. The connection and power has been immense.

Increased expansion, well being

I am so very grateful for the Anusthan. I love the structure, the power and feeling of this ritual so much that it will continue to be a major part of my daily practice. The increased expansion, sense of connection and well being I am experiencing is noticeable and greatly appreciated.

Will You Join Us?

Join us for "Awakening the Heart of Devotion" for three beautiful gatherings, May 5, 19 and 26. A recording of our May 5 teleclass is available immediately upon registration.

I haven't been so inspired about teaching a class series in years. It feels as though my life has conspired to share with you my personal spiritual practice in a deeper way than ever before. And as a group, we'll gather together in the name of LOVE so that we will give and receive multiplied blessings and transmissions of light.


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