Awakening Higher Consciousness for 2020

Grounding Completions for 2019 to

Empower your Soul’s Highest Reality for 2020

with Transmissions and Support from the Archangels!



The beginning of the New Year is a great time to anchor visions and intentions. Because the Light frequencies are so powerful now, it is necessary to create a stronger grounding force to use these higher frequencies for creation.

The sacred mountain Mt. Shasta in Northern California acts as the Base Chakra of the Earth, providing a space of grounding and expansion for new reality. With the support of the Archangels and Mt. Shasta’s strong anchoring field, we have opportunity to expand our perceptions to include the life we have dreamed of.

Readings and Sessions are available to support you…

Living in Mt. Shasta has brought powerful, unique aspects to my spiritual work. If you haven’t experienced a session with me, or you’re eager to be inspired for the new year, I invite you to take advantage of this offer for beginning 2020. Even though you need to sign up before January 2 to take advantage of the lower pricing, you can enjoy your private session at the time of your convenience.

The Soul connections that occur during these readings will open your mind and heart to new realities and provide Expansive Perceptions and Clarification to face the Unknown Opportunities that 2020 brings.

Your Soul Alignment Session

The Archangels have a unique perspective on your Soul’s path in life. In this reading, I channel clear guidance and practical wisdom from the Archangels to assist your alignment with pure Source energy. From this place within you, new discoveries, opportunities and heart-centered action is the result.

“WOW. Thanks sooo much for yesterday… totally a life shifting communion.”

This is the beginning place for awakening higher consciousness in every area of your life.

More comments from those who’ve experienced a Soul Alignment Session…

So grateful for the guidance, clearing and recognition that now there is the support needed to be successful. These are the gifts I received in our session, may the ArchAngels and Masters bless your Life as I do in gratitude. 

Thank you, thank you for turning difficulties into blessings. I’m so grateful for you and the Angels.

WOW. Thanks sooo much for yesterday… totally a life shifting communion.

Thank you for the wonderful session and for helping to clear the way for where I’m heading next. 

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