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Yesterday morning, a friend sent me a link to this wonderful article on Dr. Kelly Brogan’s website, Change Your Life in 12 Minutes a Day.

To my surprise, this brilliant psychiatrist was speaking about the benefits of Mantra Yoga. I am so excited that this study of mantra, which I have been practicing for 40 years, has become more mainstream. In my new class, Awakening the Heart of Devotion, you will be introduced to this deceptively simple, life-changing ancient practice, plus many more.

The class series starts today, May 5, at 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, broadcasting live from the foot of powerful Mt. Shasta! I can’t wait to gather with so many like-minded co-hearts who are dedicated to creating Heaven on Earth, for themselves and for the world.

Dr. Brogan became a great fan of chanting after personally experiencing its amazing transformative power. She writes:

It (kirtan yoga) has literally turned me from a neurotic, controlling, agro workaholic into someone who experiences grace, bliss, and a trust in the process so deep that I no longer even relate to “stress”. It is, in a word, profound. In fact,  Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa states that these parameters are improved in as little as 8 weeks of daily practice:

Spiritual well-being involves 4 characteristics that enable you to achieve peace of mind.

Patience: leads to persistence of a regular yoga and meditation practice, which brings with it the development of personal empowerment. When you develop patience you have the ability to slow down and enjoy life more because you’re in the “flow” and can let the Universe work for you.

Acceptance: brings self-acknowledgment and self-appreciation. It also gives tolerance, which allows one to see the faults in themselves and others but yet to look beyond these faults and accept others and themselves as they are. This leads to forgiveness, which releases anger, which is toxic to brain, immune, and cellular function. It also conveys a higher state of mental awareness.

Compassion: conveys kindness, which leads to empathy, which emboldens healthy feelings and communication. Compassion also fosters clarity and commitment and the courage to be yourself without fear and pass to the next level of spiritual growth, which is surrender.

Surrender: Surrender to the stretch is said in yoga practice. In this case the stretch that we’re surrendering to is our soul; our spirit. When you surrender to your soul, you gain the strength to sacrifice and to serve others and give to them without thought of reward for yourself. This is called seva in yoga and brings with it a sense of true happiness and serenity. Serenity gives peace of mind and a sense of universal love where the One is seen everywhere. This is the ultimate in brain longevity and is what many people call enlightenment or illumination.


I couldn’t have said it better. And now, I ask you a question ~ would your life not benefit from any of those experiences?

I was very fortunate in 1977 to begin my study with teachers from India that were Brahmanad Yogis, or masters of the science of sound. This is a rich, ancient tradition from thousands of years of scientific study of Sanskrit and its efficacy through a spiritual practice that focused on the power of sound.

My teachers had done this practice for so many years, it allowed them to be able to awaken the Divine Presence in a student with their voice.

Now, we are fortunate to have exposure to this rich tradition because there are many wonderful people chanting mantras, with the necessary time-honored devotion, such as Krishna Das and Deva Premal, among others.

You may be wondering how does the chanting of mantra help a Westerner who is not used to Sanskrit.

According to the studies that Dr. Brogan speaks about, there are a number of surprising results from this spiritual practice:

We try to understand these non-linear effects, and we may touch on some aspects of their mechanism, but we undoubtedly fall short of capturing the web-like effects of these natural interventions. The best understanding around how Kirtan Kriya works its psychophysicospiritual magic includes these attributes:

Chanting these sounds in this order is thought to stimulate meridian points in the palate that reflex to the hypothalamus and pituitary the master gland.

Dense nerve endings in the fingertips and tongue are highly represented in the brain.

As evidenced by brain scanning, different areas of the brain including the occipital lobe are activated by different parts of this simple meditation.

Dr. Brogan further outlines additional benefits, including:

  • Reverses memory loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Up regulates positive genes
  • Down regulates inflammatory genes
  • Reduces stress in patient and caregiver
  • Improves psychological and spiritual well being
  • Activates significant anatomical areas of the brain
  • Increases telomerase, the rejuvenating enzyme that slows cell aging, by 43%, the largest increase ever recorded

And she even adds: No side effects, no cost.

In published trials catalogued here, they demonstrate changes in brain perfusion, decreases in inflammatory gene expression, and dramatic increase in telomerase (a longevity enzyme) that correlates with subjective sense of wellbeing, energy, sleep, memory, and even a 65% improvement in depression scales.

I can personally attest to many of these benefits. And recently, a participant in my Light Field Technology Program lowered her blood pressure by 32 points during one of the class calls! This was a real-time demonstration of a powerful benefit for the typical stressed-out Westerner exposed to ancient yogic traditions for the first time.

Of course, chanting a mantra is just one of the ancient practices that will be presented in our Awakening the Heart of Devotion program. The intention of the program is practical spirituality, which means creating less separation between your spiritual life and your daily world. Life just works better when we can do this!

Again, it starts today, May 5, at 5 p.m. Pacific/ 8 p.m. Eastern. You do not want to miss out on this first class and its live benefits as I outline the 21-day spiritual practice we will create ~ miraculously within the confines of your already busy life ~ as a group dedication to bringing more Peace into our own lives as well as the experience of Peace on Earth.

But if you have to miss this first gathering live, no worries. You will receive a class recording and study materials with clear, compassionate and respectful suggestions for including more devotion and the ancient power of sound into your busy Western lifestyle.

In these classes, you will have an opportunity to work with a group of dedicated souls, most of whom have had no exposure to the ancient study of Yoga, but all of whom desire the benefit of Union with the Divine as it was designed to do by the ancient yogis. Yoga means Union. Working in the matrix power of group energy, miraculous results are destined to occur. And yes, there are studies outlining this occurrence as well. It is documented as the “Maharishi Effect.”

Join us and expand your life into new empowered horizons that will benefit you on every level. Don’t miss this deceptively simple yet transformational program!

Learn more and register here.

Namaste. (I honor the Divine within you)

UPDATE: It’s not too late to join at any time. You will receive class recordings immediately upon registration.

I wanted to say now deeply grateful I am that you included me in this session… the first lesson moved me and filled me with great light and joy. Thank you with all my heart and soul. — May 5 Class Participant

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Shanta GabrielShanta Gabriel began her spiritual life in 1975 in the yogic traditions. Since exposure to the Archangels in 1988, she has dedicated her life to Peace on Earth through bringing more Divinity into the human body.

Her unique approach to sharing her spirituality has been dedicated to practical methods to create unity with the divine in daily life. She continues this work at the foot of the sacred mountain in Mt. Shasta, California providing classes, free newsletters and private sessions to inspire and nourish your soul.

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