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A Group Dedicated to Spiritual Practice for Personal and Planetary Awakening

Join Shanta Gabriel and other Spiritual Warriors devoted to simple, everyday spiritual practices that uplift their own lives and empower beautiful changes in the world.

Experience yourself a part of a powerful Wheel of Light. Together, we will open our hearts to the Divine Presence working within us and in the world. This will not only bring more meaning and beauty into your life, it will bless the Earth in amazing ways.

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Your Ashram of Life Circle membership also includes full membership in the Immersion into Light Circle.

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Ashram of Life Membership
Ashram of Life Membership
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"Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life with the Anusthan practice. I feel like I have taken my Spirit to a new level ever since I started practicing in the collective with the Anusthan."

"Blessings and so many thanks for the incredible Anusthan and the beautiful full moon prayers and ceremony. May you be blessed 1000 x 1000 fold for all the incredible beauty that you and your work brings to creation!"

"Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always. I know that this is guidance that I call 'pulling the threads of My Calling' that has led me to become a member of this group for my own personal empowerment and further contribution to the Awakening of the Human Heart."

I have made a resolution to maintain the practice of getting up at the same time. The prayer of alignment has been huge for me because it connects me to My Beloved Source as I make the request. I know intuitively that I need this deep connection before I begin my day. The anusthan has deepened my connection to the Archangels, Angels and Masters of Light who are working with me and I want this to grow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful opportunity.

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