Ashram of Life Circle

A Group Dedicated to Spiritual Practice for Personal and Planetary Awakening

Calling All Prayer Warriors and Spiritual Mountain Climbers to Planetary Service!

Spiritual mountain climber

My teacher called those of us willing to continue our spiritual practice in the midst of deep change, Mountain Climbers. We keep our prayers high and dedicate all that we do to a greater calling on the Earth.

Prayer Warriors that we are, joining together in dedicated spiritual practice gives our lives more meaning and purpose.

Life has become our spiritual practice. Our service starts here.

As a participant in the planetary awakening of all humanity, we each need to do our personal work.  But the good news is: we don't have to do it alone.

For centuries people have gathered in spiritual communities in dedicated spiritual practice for a greater purpose than what they could do alone. These groups provide a supportive way of nurturing each person in their spiritual growth. It is one of the most graceful ways that we grow, learn and are inspired to greater evolution.

The mission of the Ashram of Life Circle is to unify our spirits for a Higher Purpose and work together to create planetary change.

Our intention is for each member to create a strong connection to their Highest Self through spiritual practice.

We then come together in our wholeness to anchor empowered frequencies into the Earth for the awakening of Love, Peace and Abundance within all humanity and for the planet.

For a long time I've wanted to facilitate a group in a spiritual practice devoted to working together for the good of the Earth. Through 2017, our dedicated quarterly group practices have opened the way for a beautiful gathering of souls committing a small portion of their daily lives to planetary awakening.

Earth is Our Ashram

At this important time in history, Mt. Shasta (where I live) acts as the Base Chakra of the Earth. This sacred mountain acts as a powerful force for grounding higher frequencies for awakening consciousness on the planet.

As such, Mt Shasta can be a powerful anchor for the manifestation of higher purpose — in our individual lives and for all humanity.

Since the awakening of Divinity into physical form on a mass scale has never occurred on Earth before...

...there is no map to follow — other than the ancient wisdom of the sages who have recommended spiritual practice as the path to enlightenment for thousands of years.

Sages and wisdom teachers throughout the ages have always recommended spiritual practice as the path to enlightenment.

The World is Our Training

I have been blessed in the past 40 years with wonderful, enlightened teachers who gave me powerful spiritual practices to share with you. As my guru from India said to me, “I lived in caves in the Himalayas for 40 years so you would not have to.”

From this point of view, I would say to you, I lived in spiritual communities for most of my adult life so you would not have to.

Living in the world now has become our spiritual training. The Earth is our Ashram. We cannot afford to leave our lives and go to a sheltered environment for years of spiritual practice. Now we need to learn how to include our spiritual practice in our worldly life.

We are actively bringing Divinity into our physical form, combining the spiritual world with the material. This has never been done en mass before.

As our Soul’s Imperative, we embodied in this lifetime to blend our Divinity with our humanity so we can anchor high frequencies on the Earth!

Let's Create Together

Do you want to make a difference? A way of serving the planet that is greater than you can do by yourself?

I am inviting you to join with other dedicated spiritual warriors to promote Love, Peace and Abundance in the world in a way we have never before experienced.

The efficacy of group practice has not only been used for centuries in Eastern spiritual traditions, it has been proven through science over the past 25 years.

Organizations such as Silent Unity, and Transcendental Meditation have discovered the quantum effect of focused spiritual practice, prayer and meditation as a powerful tool that can radiate into the world to create transformation.

Are you a spiritual Mountain Climber? Come join our dedicated life practice!

Making it all work...

There are two keys for effective group work:

One seems to be the unification of energy through a committed center core of Alignment and dedication to a Higher Purpose within each person involved.

There also needs to be one person acting as the unifying hub, holding the frequencies of Unity in the center. As the creator of the Ashram of Life Circle, and living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, I will be able to ground our group energy into the sacred mountain, the Base Chakra of the Earth.

Will you join me?

I'm seeking you spiritual Mountain Climbers, you dedicated  Light Bearers of a Heart Centered Consciousness, who will commit to work together with me in focused spiritual practice. You choose how much time you can spend in your busy life. I am excited for the group magic to begin!

What You Can Expect

A Monthly Theme

Each month, a different theme for our group practice is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness for humanity as well as for the benefit of the planet.

For instance, we might dedicate one month to the purification of the waters on the Earth as well as emotional balance within us.

All of our prayers and the focus of our group spiritual practice that month will be in alignment with this theme.

Each month, you will also receive:

  • A specific spiritual practice to use during the month
  • A theme featuring the Divine Quality we are anchoring for the Earth and all humanity
  • A weekly Message from Archangel Gabriel
  • A check-in email each week from me, registering changes you may be experiencing
  • Quarterly Group dedicated spiritual practice (Anusthan) with a greater planetary circle
  • Alignment Practices that we will each do individually to support the group
  • A live Full Moon Teleconference with the Immersion into Light Circle, featuring astrological influences from Kelly Beard, plus and a meditation from Shanta that includes a transmission from the Archangels

That's not all!

Our Ashram of Life Circle will create a sacred container acting as a Temple of Light that you will step into as soon as you register.

I will hold the people of entire Circle on a special altar. From there, you may feel yourself being held in Wings of pure Light as the Archangels hold the group in a powerful matrix. The beauty and power of the work we initiate will begin the rewiring and alignment process to bring empowered Light Fields into your daily life. The shared matrix container will also support your integration.

Together, we will create a sacred space for you to go each day where you will be able to build the spiritual vibrations to enhance every area of life. Here you will enter your personal Temple of Light and be surrounded by Angels.

Special Blog for Group Interaction

On my website there will be a special private blog. There you will receive a weekly message from Archangel Gabriel. You are welcome to post comments and interact with others in the group on this blog.

Special Discounts

Your membership also includes discounts on my classes, readings and other goodies!

What people are saying about our new, evolving program!

"I love it! I have already written out the Hanuman invocation and hand written the intention. I will reflect on my own intentions.

I have also just re-arranged my altar, the main one, with a statue of Archangel Michael front and center. Behind him is a painting that I just completed and it is called Creation. I seem to be painting like a madwoman these days, which is curious because in this life at least I have never been a painter. The thought came to me in a meditation one morning.

I think what you have put together, along with Archangel Gabriel's words, is brilliant. Let's face it, prayer warriors are vitally needed now, in a collective. As Archangel Gabriel once said, now is the time to put all our energies into whole-hearted devotion. We need this and the world certainly does so, especially in August! I am certainly very glad that Archangel Michael is with us this month too... it is going to be an exhilarating ride." Jennifer, B.C.

Anusthan Participant Feedback

"This practice of Anusthan has brought me so much, I truly feel grounded, connected and in alignment with my Highest Self, with my destiny supported by Heaven and nurtured by the Earth. My wish is to be an instrument of God, to embody Love manifested in Grace through Compassion."

"Through the support of our Anusthan practice and its group energy I walked through this 11:11 gateway with Grace and I feel empowered now to be an instrument of God. I wish all humanity to remember our Divine Nature, to choose to become Instruments of God, to be attuned to play the song of Divine Love, together as a Divine symphony guided by our Sacred Hearts for Peace and Harmony on Earth."

"I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do."

~Jana Stanfield

I am very excited to join with you in this amazing time on Earth to create more Peace, Harmony and Blessings in the world.

Together all things are possible as we hold the frequencies for more Divine Light to permeate the hearts of all beings (ourselves included!)

Your commitment for the Ashram of Life Circle is $44 per month. This also includes full membership in the monthly Immersion into Light Circle! And so much more...

If you feel you want to be a part of this group but do not have funds, there are scholarships available. Please contact me directly:

Thank you for your dedication to the awakening of divinity within the heart of each person on the Earth and your commitment to being the transformation to bring that mission into manifestation.

Warmest Blessings,


Ready to Join Me and Other Dedicated Spiritual Mountain Climbers?

Shanta Gabriel
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