Archangel Raphael

From Archangel Raphael – November 4, 2014

Dear One,

The Divine Love that is being offered to you and all humanity at this time is unprecedented. When you allow Divine Love to be downloaded into your physical being you have an experience of Amrita – Divine Nectar that can be tasted as a sweetness at the back of your tongue.

All those who are fully aware of the gifts being offered will be able to use this transformative experience as an awakening into new life within the heart. In the heart lies your soul’s gifts that are being downloaded from the eclipse cycle you have nearly completed.

Genuine awareness of your Soul’s inheritance is coming forward now and you will be able to use the new operating system in a way that will astound your conscious being. The creation of new pathways to love bring with them new levels of healing as well. The access which is being provided increases your ability to receive on all levels.

Drink in the nectar. Engage your senses in the power of awakening presence. Receive God as your true being and shower these soul gifts upon a world that is thirsting for them. Whenever you allow yourself to receive, you strengthen the pathways for new levels of awakening consciousness. The creative surge within you will reinforce the order of awakening you experience.

New revelations and new inner core connections become common place and life will take on a subtle magical quality. You are stepping into a time where you will feel an honoring for who you truly are recognizing your divinity while you are in your human form. This level of consciousness was only available to the masters of the past ages after many years of study and spiritual practice. You as these incarnated masters are retaining the soul qualities that were initiated in many lifetimes of spiritual practice. The new realities that open to yo are so creative that all you imagine can come into being when you place the focus of your intention onto its manifestation.

It begins in your heart. Allow the overflow of Divine Love to awaken your own Soul realization. Use this time and never doubt your connection to All That Is.

So be it.
Archangel Raphael

through Shanta Gabriel for the Accessing the Wisdom of the Heart class

November 4, 2014