Archangel Michael Meditation

Activating Transmissions of Mastery

During the The Archangel Transmissions: Opening to Our Soul's Light Program, we receive transmissions from each Archangels represented in the chakra system.

Archangel Michael, who represents the Third Chakra, is available to help us bring about Mastery in our world. In this meditation, you are receiving the transmissions for mastering your alignment to your Higher Self, which allows you to embody your Divinity.

As you do this, you become more whole, loving and true to yourself. You are able to integrate the higher frequencies into your energy system. In this meditation, when the transmissions of Mastery are activated by Archangel Michael, you can anchor the 5th dimensional frequencies into your Light Body field.

Archangel Michael provides more decisiveness in your core of inner strength through activating the balance of Power, Love and Wisdom within your solar plexus.

Read the message about Mastery from Archangel Michael! >>

Find a quiet place and enjoy the first seven minutes:

"This meditation is just divine. The energy that I feel is similar when I listen to the one you channeled for Archangel Metatron. I feel the Love and the Power lingering all day. [My partner] just described it beautifully. 'I feel like I am sitting in Bliss'."

Archangel Michael Meditation - mp3
Archangel Michael Meditation - mp3
Message from Archangel Michael received by Shanta Gabriel. Background music by Thaddeus. 24 minutes
Price: $12.00