Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ Divine Love Download Today ~ 1/7/2017

Day 7 – New Year’s Anusthan

Hello Dear Ones,

This morning it felt as though there was a building of energy inside me. After my meditation Archangel Gabriel spoke about the tremendous download of Divine Love we received for our heart chakras today. We are really having an experiential event right now through our Anusthan. Welcome you awakening mystics!

I received a beautiful picture from Judith showing her altar for the Anusthan. I am sharing it with you here.

This my special altar for this dedicated practice. I was inspired to clean all my crystals in salt water and clean and rearrange all my altars. It felt wonderful to do that. I have also appreciated the structure of the meditation practice and I love the alignment exercise.

A friend of mine here in Mt. Shasta reminded me about a video of Archangel Gabriel’s Heaven to Earth Alignment Exercise that we made together in the fall.

There was a very magical Light that appeared over my shoulder and brightened to include a rainbow. Now I do realize that there was an earthly explanation for that, but the fact that it appeared during the Alignment we chose to perceive as a magical demonstration of the power of that process. Maybe you will enjoy it also.

Here is the link:   https://youtube/FbpE0smnxuo

And now a very long message from Archangel Gabriel for you today:

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 7, 2017

Dear Ones,

This Anusthan has been dedicated to the awakening of the Unity Consciousness on the Earth. We are presenting the teachings of the 11:11 codes that are being activated within you and on the Earth so all may live with more connection to their true Divine Nature.

Within the grace of this spiritual practice is the gift of Nourishment existing within the Light from Source. Today there has been a special empowerment for your heart, so that it can open to receive the gifts from the Divine Feminine energy that Nourishes, Nurtures and acts as a catalyst for bringing pure Creativity into form. Bring your awareness to your heart and let yourself feel this expansive gift as it fills all the empty spaces within you. You will be fed by this pure substance of God’s Love.

Allow your heart to expand to receive this gift. Feel it breaking through the self-limiting prisons of the old paradigm you adopted. You may especially notice this phenomena in the back of your heart where it may feel congested. You are breaking through the chains that bound you in old belief systems that are no longer functional in a 5D reality. In the process you are healing all separation within you that made you feel trapped in the polarities that seem so real in 3D life. As you receive Divine Light, these contrasts are being uplifted and transmuted into the pure substance that can nourish the hearts of all humanity.

When you receive and accept Divine Love into your heart, you are healing all aspects of yourself that may have felt empty and malnourished. With every beat of your heart, it is pumping this pure empowered cosmic Substance of Light to transmit the spark of divinity to every cell in your body. As your heart continues to pump Divine Intelligence through your body, you are being fed and nourished every minute of the day.

Just as a tree is nourished by the light of the golden sun, so too are you through nourished by the Light you are receiving as you open and expand into the higher frequencies available to you through your spiritual practice.

Because you are consciously asking for Alignment with Pure Source energy and actively allowing it to anchor into your personal energy field, you are lighting up the meridians that act as a web of Light within your body to bring you more Wholeness, Balance and Wellbeing.

Your newly fed and nourished heart becomes the secret place of the most high living God, your true Home. This divine place within your heart holds what most have been seeking in the world.

During this spiritual practice you may have noticed a sense of sweetness at the back of your tongue. In Sanskrit this is known as Amrita and it is an indication that the spiritual energy is activated within you and working to bring you the nourishment held within the Sweetness of God’s Love.

When you feel the fullness of Divine Love in your heart that is the signal to allow the nourishment of this love to anchor into your lower chakra system. Your Base Chakra has a powerful receiving mechanism. It has been used for centuries to anchor more fear on the earth. But now as you anchor Divine Light, you can use your base chakra as a receiver of Nourishment from your alignment with pure Source energy. Your Root Chakra has a natural grounding mechanism that will respond to your intentions, so you can offer a clear command to your Highest Self to receive and anchor the Divine Light that activates Wellbeing in your body.

Through our work together in this highly charged Anusthan practice, we have been transmitting Divine energy so you can have a full personal experience of the Alignments necessary for Oneness with All That Is. You have been learning to allow yourself to be fed by Divine Love and nourished by the Light. This process is in response to your soul commitment to anchor the frequencies of Divine Light on the planet for the Wellbeing of all humanity.

An experience of Union within yourself, will allow you to translate the gifts of your soul into pure tangible work in the world with the full radiance you are capable of achieving. Your Soul is designed for this. It is your true Divine Nature. Your body is made to be a conduit for pure Light. Your heart is craving the love of God being made manifest within you through your spiritual practice.The sublime divinity that you are experiencing through your body is a gift that you allow yourself to receive so you can bless the world.

As the 11:11 codes are firing in fully activated Alignment with the Divine, you stand in the expansiveness of your true nature blending divinity with your human form to be present in the world. You become Divine Union with every fiber of your being. All separation is transmuted into Light. Divine Awareness guides your way and Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance becomes your life.

This allows you to be a Beacon of Light in the world. When you finish this Anusthan, you may find it necessary to stop hiding your Light under a basket and allow it to expand beyond your physical energy system to light up your personal reality and radiate Love to the world. When we say this, do not be afraid. There is nothing that you have to do to make this happen. You simply allow it to be and stop holding back your Light.

You would not be present in this circle or be drawn to this work if your Soul had not asked to be a Beacon of Light to the world. You each are a master, leader, healer, way shower and a presence of Divine Love on Earth at this time. There is nothing you need do except allow the manifestation of that energy through you to unfold in your life so it can bless the world and manifest Oneness on Earth within all beings, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
November 7, 2017

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