Welcome to the March 2020 Anusthan

Celebrating the Power of Balance and Renewal
March 15 to March 21

WELCOME to the Equinox Anusthan
for March 2020!

Thank you for committing to the
Global Awakening of All Humanity.


Your Anusthan Guidelines Booklet is available to you here:

In your booklet you are offered English affirmations you can use for your practice as well as simple, very ancient Sanskrit Mantras that were given to me by my guru. The pronunciation is included. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.


As you go through the pages the mantras, affirmations and powerful sayings in English will raise your vibrational frequencies and bring you into alignment with an international group of heart-centered souls who support the awakening of all humanity on planet Earth.

I will begin our Anusthan (pronounced with soft a's, such as PAW - ie: Ahn-oos-than) on March 15 for a dedicated period through March 21.  Each day for seven days, we will each sit in sacred space and raise our frequencies in spiritual practice.

We have an opportunity at this time of Equinox to anchor the presence of Balance and Equanimity on to the Earth. As each of us holds this quality of consciousness, our energy systems anchor the energy on to the Earth. We are also radiating this empowered frequency out into the world.

My intention is that you will feel the energy of Balance working in your body and in every area of your life. As we anchor this frequency we set a balancing field within that acts as a gyroscope to bring us back into Balance whenever we have drifted away.

Every day of our practice I will send you an email with a message from Archangel Gabriel. I will also include a message from me letting you know what affects the Anusthan is having in my life, and also messages and altar photos from the other participants. Usually other people are having the same experience in an amazing synchronous way.


A Group Prayer and Affirmation to Use

Divine Presence,

Thank you for assisting me to receive the frequencies of Divine Balance in my body, my life and in the world. May the Light of Balance and Equanimity bless this group and all humanity in our spiritual practice and always.

May each person, every government system, and all life on the Earth thrive in the power of Balance and Equanimity.. May all that I do, all that I say and all that I AM reflect Balance at all times. And so it is.


I AM in perfect Balance and receive equanimity in every area of my life.


Thank you for joining me. Together we will be connected to thousands of people around the world that are celebrating Equinox and the power of awakening Balance on the Earth.

May this Spiritual Practice support your awakening and bring more Balance into your life on every level.

Thank you for being a radiant Light of Balance to the world.

In Gratitude, Love and Balance,

Shanta Gabriel


Shanta Gabriel