Announcing the Temple of Light Meditation Series

Temple of Light Meditation Series

Imagine having a personal sacred temple that you can enter at any time to connect with divine guidance, receive healing, and align with your Soul’s greatest gifts.

In this set of 3 transformational meditations by Shanta Gabriel, you will be guided to create and access your own Temple of Light.

Journey up the sacred mountain for a walk through flowering meadows and by the flowing waters to discover a sacred space where you can create your personal Temple of Light.

Step by step you will be guided through the creation of this empowering sanctuary, where you can be instantly transported for your spiritual practice. You will also discover a nurturing, nourishing space that you can return to at any time. This Temple of Light is your sacred place where you can create a deep connection with your master teachers and angels.

Let Shanta’s soothing voice bring you into deeply confirming alignment with your Soul’s purpose and create a powerful connection with your Soul’s gifts. Then anchor and ground these gifts so you can manifest your deepest dreams into a world that awaits your offering.

These deeply nourishing meditations are a gift to you from the Archangels that will transform your life in profound and beautiful ways.

During the journeys to the sacred mountain, an empowered transmission helps you to create a sacred temple within you that will be there whenever you want to do your spiritual practice or receive guidance and healing from the Archangels of Light.

Your meditation/visualization was AMAZING. I will listen as many times as possible, but for now, I’m just so grateful. I am truly amazed.

Learn more about these empowering meditations and listen to a sample

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