Anchoring the Christed Light

Epiphany Ceremony 2015 at Mt. Shasta

Anchoring the Christed Light - Shanta Gabriel

On January 5, 2015 in Mt. Shasta, Shanta Gabriel joined with others to welcome the Christed Light essence that graces the Earth at this time. For this beautiful celebration, Shanta opens with a prayer to bring in divine light. Then, with Dharma Cohen playing crystal bowls, Shanta guides those gathered through a powerful meditation.

We invite you to experience the divine energy that began that day and will carry through this amazing year.

Using the powerful grounding force of Mt. Shasta, the sacred mountain known as the Base Chakra of the Earth, with the divine resonance of crystal bowls on the day of Epiphany allows all those who listen to this meditation to receive a powerful crystalline essence that grounds the Christed Light through their own body.

As you receive these frequencies of sacred sound in the guided meditation, it enhances the receptor channels through your crown chakra, stimulates the magnetic Torus field of your heart so you are in touch with your heart's Divine Intelligence, and anchors the nurturing presence of the Earth in your base chakra to help you live in Well Being.

As you allow yourself to become attuned, your entire core is filled with Divine Light and Peace prevails within you to bless you with Love.

Wow, could feel the power of the mountain. The infinite sound(s) coming through the Bowl is penetrating.

Anchoring the Christed Light - mp3
Anchoring the Christed Light - mp3
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The epiphany meditation was so healing for me — very beautiful and I felt I was being “shaked into place” in my self….