After the Summer Solstice

Mt. Shasta - Summer Solstice 2013

Hello from melting Mt. Shasta,

We are just past the Summer Solstice on June 21 – this has been a moment in time when the Light on the planet is more profoundly powerful than ever before. Even though the southern hemisphere is experiencing their Winter Solstice, 2013 is very different because of the exponential waves of Divine Light that are permeating the atmosphere of the Earth. We have never experienced this before and it is changing everything that we have known as “normal” in our world. We can see it as institutions, organizations, and governments are changing in often chaotic ways. We are experiencing it in the weather patterns when there is no such thing as normal anymore. We are experiencing it in ourselves as our sense of reality is shifting within us, and people and things we held so dear no longer feel important; or structures in our lives begin to crumble.

Since the Equinox in March, it has felt as though the sands under my feet were continually shifting. It has been a full time job learning to adapt and integrate the new energy frequencies we are experiencing. It has been difficult to make plans because things have been changing so quickly, including my desire to do whatever it was that I was making plans to do. For me, there has been no choice but to surrender to the process that is in motion.

What does it mean to Surrender

Surrender is an uncomfortable idea to most people, especially westerners. I was first introduced to the concept of surrender when I was physically with my guru in the late 1970’s. While living in an ashram, our little egos would take a supreme beating if we did not learn to surrender. All the rational thinking, dedication to the ways we thought things should be, and self-importance were up to be hammered if we did not let go and have faith that whatever was happening was best for our spiritual growth. There was a very special gift in all that occurred in the experience of surrender of ego, and that was what we called Guru’s Grace. The unconditional love and empowered energy that would flow to us when we surrendered allowed us to open up to new realms of heightened awareness and bliss.



It was true in ashram life and the same thing is true right now. Life in the 3D world is the square peg that does not fit into the round holes the 5th dimensional world is presenting to us. All the training of your spiritual practice is exceptionally valuable at this time, because the grace that discipline is offering you is the only sanctuary in what appears as chaos all around us. What we use as a spiritual practice is as individual as there are numbers of people. However there are clear definitions. A spiritual practice is something that nourishes you, brings you back into your center, inspires you and offers peace. That means that taking a walk in Nature and hugging a tree when done with awareness, can be regarded as a spiritual practice. Chanting mantras and seated meditation is another form of practice that resonates with some people. That also means that holding yourself in alignment with a sense of Well-being and Harmony is a spiritual practice as well.

Light Field Technology

I have been focused on Fields of Light since Archangel Gabriel brought them to my attention in the early 90’s. He taught me that bringing Light into every energy center every day would actually lighten my intensely serious and heavy nature. Archangel Gabriel would offer me messages that would have special words capitalized such as Harmony, Peace, Love and Joy. He was teaching me that these words have a vibrational frequency that is so profound that when I would consciously bring them into my body, through my emotional/mental fields, and my energy centers, my consciousness was transformed in very tangible ways. I found myself getting happier and more at peace inside as I was nourished by this spiritual practice.

The Use of a Spiritual Practice

We have a profound opportunity because when we use this spiritual practice now during these shifting times it is exponentially more powerful because the Light is so much stronger. The high frequency words have become living energy fields that can work on our conscious awareness and change our perceptions of life very quickly. Words such as Well-being, Beauty, Harmony and Clarity align us with those qualities of spiritual consciousness. Life takes on a magical quality that allows us new abilities to create more happiness and manifest what we want because we have accessed the magnetic fields connecting us to All That Is. The Universal Presence is totally aware of our vibrational frequency and will give to us whatever we are most focused on. So our attention to what we want to experience will bring us more of the goodness that nourishes our being. Likewise our attention on what is not working, on discouragement and hopelessness, will also bring more of that into our lives.

This is not new information. And some find it so simplistic that they negate its value. I am here to tell you that my experience of working with Light Fields for 20 years has totally changed my life. I am so aware of my alignment with these higher frequencies that when I am out of that alignment, I am instantly alert to how I am feeling. I can then choose to fix it by bringing myself back into Harmony with my Divine Self. I can also choose to wallow in it for a time until I get bored with feeling bad.

There are many teachers pointing out to us that everything we are NOT is coming up so we can be more of who we truly ARE. Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy suggests we try an experiment that I have found profoundly true and simple. When we are aware of a feeling, an old pattern or memory surfacing that does not feel good, do your best to ignore it. He guarantees that in a minute or two we will not even remember it because that energy was just passing by on its way out. All these old patterns and thoughts are leaving us and that is what we need to remember, that they are leaving. We need not get attached to the memory or emotion around them, or beat ourselves for having patterns show up after all our therapy. And for sure Not to give them more power by processing them. I suggest you try that. I have found it to be very valuable information and it really works.

From Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

When you feel discouraged, confused or hopeless, check out your focus of attention. Where is your energy centered? Usually in your head – the mental body is in full force activation and from this state of being you will not feel happy.

Your happiness and sense of well-being is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself and to the world. Your focus of attention on what you perceive is wrong or missing from your life creates the exact limitations that are causing your pain. You are literally resisting the flow of good that is pouring into your life.

Where is this goodness; this happiness you ask? Within your heart. Here in the regenerating magnetic field of your heart, you have access to the unlimited flow of Divine Love active in the Universe.

In the realms of awakened Light the activity within your heart comes from waves of Love pouring through the planet. You can catch this wave and ride it to activate the feeling of Well-being within you.

We have been focusing your attention on the Light Fields available now. We have been speaking of the states of Unity consciousness that live in the fields of Light and their impact on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The words that we are encouraging you to use are the highest frequency states available in the Realms of new Light Awakening and as such they will activate new life in 5D reality. Your frequency holds the key to your future on the Earth in the worlds you are generating.

Most people feel that this idea is too simplistic to be real, and that attitude negates all the power of the activity. In the new dimensions you have stepped into, your emotional and mental states have even more power to create your life than ever before. When you have accessed the magnetic fields with your empowered frequencies, all of life responds to you. This is of course true with the lower frequencies as well, but we want you to continually focus on your state of Harmony, Well-being, Beauty, Happiness and Love. Within those frequencies you will find your world providing all you have longed to receive.

Breathe into your heart Beloved Ones, and let your heart inspire all your activities on Earth at this time. Let the Divine Intelligence in your heart be your guide.

You are profoundly loved, protected and surrounded by Wings of Light, and so it is.

From Shanta:

I send you love and gratitude from the heart if the Mountain. Mt. Shasta may be losing her snow cap but she is still a powerful presence that blesses all who are sitting at her feet. I invite you to join me in the town of Mt. Shasta for my Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat here in October. More information available soon on my website: Until then you can enjoy the new guided meditations waiting to inspire you there. They are very deep and profoundly helpful during this time to focus your attention into Divine Light.

Many Blessings, Shanta

Shanta in Mt. Shasta


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