A New Message from Archangel Gabriel About Light Field Technology

Secrets of Light Field Technology - Shanta Gabriel

Transforming Your Life
with Light Field Technology
Class Begins February 11

When I asked what I could share with you about the importance of Light Field Technology, I received a beautiful message from Archangel Gabriel:

Dear Ones,

One of the most surprising and inspiring aspects of Light Field Technology is the bloom of Pure Love that you will feel in your heart through a new and expanded connection to your most Divine Self. There is an awakening of love and devotion to God that results from an alignment within the core spiritual aspects of your being.

“Thank you so much for leading this amazing experience! Personally I never want it to end. The connection and power have been immense.

Once awakened the energy of Divine Light travels through your central nervous system and unifies your body with pure unconditional love. Each cell is sparked with higher frequencies of Light and an organically inspired transformation occurs within your being.

New freedom to radiate your most inspired truth and the Love of your heart is the result of the transmissions of Light that elevate your consciousness.

~ Archangel Gabriel

“Thank you Shanta for providing the space, trust and Light for me to share and go deeper into my sacred heart.”

* * *

Open the Doorways to the 5th Dimension

This transition to new heart-centered 5-D consciousness that we have been experiencing since 2012 has been the source of much confusion. For most, there has been upheaval, suffering and a sense of loss as the old ways we relate to the world do not work anymore.

But suffering is optional. When you understand Light Fields of Pure Potential, you can co-create the life you want with the Universal Flow of Life. Light Field Technology™ is a system inspired by Archangel Gabriel that teaches you to thrive in the new frequencies of 5D energy.

A new program begins February 11 for you to learn and experience this life-changing technology. During each of the classes, the Archangels will be transmitting powerful activations of energy to bless and support your life.

In this teleconference series, you will receive tools and energy updates to assist you as you become more comfortable in your physical body while it integrates, expands and blends with your most Divine Self. Through the teachings of the Archangels, you can use intentional Light Fields to create your most empowered future as you learn to navigate the new dimensions.

Light Field Technology also offers you powerful spiritual practices to retrain and rewire your being to hold the higher frequencies as you become a pure bridge between Heaven and Earth through your physical being.

“You have helped me cultivate alignment with Love and Light so that this is my basic resonance. This is my true work. It will take on many expressions and translations. I am deeply grateful that you are sharing your gifts with us.”

This 3-Class Series is Designed to Assist you to:

  • gracefully navigate the new 5D energy frequencies,
  • become more connected to Source while in your physical body,
  • and use intentional fields to create your most empowered future.

Light is the force of all Creation.
When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic.

~ Archangel Gabriel

Are you ready to discover the magic?

Join us for a transformational journey!


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