A New Foundation for Hope




Dear Ones,

We come to you today from the foundation of Hope, the wise and gentle attribute of refined and empowered Grace.  As surely as you are guided by beings of Light and Wisdom, that is the power of the freedom that exists within the new template that this powerful presence of Hope brings to you today.

There is an ascended gathering now to transport the Earth out of the muck and mire of dark thought forms into the expanded formation of a new platform of Light. This new structure has within its realm the expansion necessary to propel the Earth into its new Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.

And how do we speak of this Presence? Through your hearts, Dear Ones, and through the linking of minds that have longed to be used for the evolution of consciousness.

Join together with us in Hope and let us stabilize the connection, the alignments and the openings that will empower your knowing. We are activating the ancient template for Hope on the Earth. It is the missing key that so many have been longing for. This new platform for Hope stretches across the crystalline grid within the Earth and is alive and blossoming.

The empowerment and activation of your inner knowing allows you to retrieve an ancient wisdom that you came to Earth to anchor.  The Wisdom of Hope is one of Silence as it seeds the core of quiet peace within this foundation.

You are embarking on a journey of connection, a collusion of Angelic Presence, a deep anchoring of Unity Consciousness. The preparation for this time on the Earth has taken eons to come to this perfect moment when the seed of true Hope can become the Light that inspires every heart.

Hope is alive – a living force that stimulates every cell into new activity. Hope is a presence that activates a deep foundation that is nourishing and safe. Hope is a gentle knowing that all can live in Wellbeing, fully united in the pure light of Oneness.

You are blessed by the presence of Archangel Hope in the dawning of a new era of Unity. Know you are profoundly loved and celebrate together in the Light.

From this you build your new life in the presence of others of like mind and heart, as well as the ascended beings who support you on the Earth. On the foundation of Hope you stand free and live as One Heart. The exalted knowing awakening in your heart now through the Grace of Hope is that All is Well and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Hope
March 27, 2020


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