A Message for Spring (Read by April 4!)

Happy April!

Spring has definitely come to Mt. Shasta while I was gone on my trip to visit family in Arizona for Easter, see beautiful Sedona, and assist in a workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I have missed any of your emails, please know that I am catching up right now. If you have not heard back from me about a time for a private session, please send me another message, as some responses may have gone into spam.

Shanta and familyEaster with the beautiful tall people. Here I am with my wonderful son and his family.

Red rocks - SedonaFamous red rocks in Sedona

Support for challenging times

This has been a challenging eclipse cycle for most of us, highlighting often disturbing extremes of light and dark. Just as the moon darkened the light of the sun in the Solar Eclipse, we are being asked to trust the process and remember that the Light of God is shining within every situation no matter what it seems.

I want to give you a personal heads-up about the offerings that are being inspired by the Archangels to assist you in relieving stress and opening new possibilities for making life in these shifting times more comfortable.

In honor of April Fools’ Day and our upcoming tax deadline, I’m offering you a Crazy Low Price on my most foundational program, Timeless Practices for Living in Light. This home study program not only will help you cope with the stress of taxes, it gives you beautifully designed and deceptively simple ways to bring more meaning and balance into your life. Normally $149, you can download it now for only $49. This offer is good through Monday, April 4. Update April 5: Now $59

Download the program here.

The Timeless Practices program is the perfect introduction for my upcoming teleconference series, Awakening the Heart of Devotion, which begins on April 30. This is a series I have been truly looking forward to sharing, as it offers you a chance to feed your Soul by creating sustainable avenues to direct experience with the Divine, using your life as your spiritual practice.

Better Connection

Many people I work with in private sessions ask about ways to have a more ongoing connection with me and create a deeper study with the Archangels. I will be announcing some exciting packages very soon, including lower price offerings on series of readings, as well as a powerful individualized coaching program, the Soul Alignment Intensive.

These new offerings reflect my greatest passion. I have long wanted to remain better connected to those with whom I have done private sessions, so that the transitions we set into motion would be more graceful.

More information will be coming very soon!

Meditation on a TreeSpecial Gift!

Meditation on a Tree is one of my favorite meditations for connecting deeply with our beautiful Earth. Download this 30-minute guided meditation for free here.

Much love and blessings,

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