Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ Grounding ~ 1/6/2017

Day 6 – New Year’s Anusthan

It is always interesting when I receive questions from our group because Archangel Gabriel then responds with a beautiful message in answer.

One of our Circle commented that the Alignment from Heaven to Earth exercise did not have a clear reference for the Base Chakra. I admit is is a bit vague in some ways because it takes that connection of Light directly down into the Earth Star to anchor the conscious quality of Wellbeing for the planet and all beings on the Earth.This allows everyone to live in Harmony with Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace.

The Masters, Lightworkers and Way-showers of this Earth have worked very diligently for many years to clear away the old paradigms of survival, fear and greed that were present in the root chakras of all humanity. These energies are being replaced with the higher vibrational qualities of Wellbeing within this important energy center.

Together we are anchoring a new paradigm through our work to receive the 11:11 frequencies within our body. As we actively focus on being the Bridge from Heaven to Earth and allow Divine Light to flow through our physical beings, we are empowering all humanity with this frequency. of Wellbeing. All that we do activates the Divine Feminine qualities of consciousness to bring a new more enlightened paradigm for the Earth and all beings living on this beautiful and most abundant planet.

Here is your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 6, 2017

Dear Ones,

We will speak today about the importance of Grounding and what it means to Anchor the Divine Light on the Earth. Creating a reality of Oneness in the world means that all aspects of self are in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Destiny on Earth.

You have many choices in every day life that could ask the question – does this decision support my Highest Soul’s Reality? Is this choice in Alignment with my Soul Purpose and the impulses from my Higher Self?

This Alignment leads you into a grounded state of being which allows the activation of wisdom that can put a more enlightened reality to work in every area of your life.  

Your Highest Self loves it when you use all the senses of your physical being, engaging your most exalted aspects with the highest emotional states possible when you are in Alignment with your Soul. There is celebration in the Angelic Dimensions. It is a delight to those beings of Light that are working for the awakening of all humanity when you ground these expansive frequencies for the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

The more you bring Divine Light through your body, the more it dissipates the darkness and so you are free. The more you ground these higher frequencies into the Earth, the happier you become. Anchoring Light through your Base Chakra allows you to ground any excess energy such as anxiety, fear, or anger into the planetary grids so it can become the compost that feeds the Earth.

The next step is to then expand from your Root Chakra to connect deeply with the nourishment within the Earth. In our work together we are anchoring Divine Light to the Earth Star, while feeling the empowerment of a strong grounded system that allows you to be connected to the Heart of the Mother in perfect Alignment with All That Is.

You are then in deep communion with the nurturing qualities of the Divine Feminine that can feed you on every level with more Vitality and Nourishment.

Again we come back to our analogy of the tree. The tree sends its roots deeply into the Earth. The deeper these roots go the higher the tree can grow, and the stronger it becomes to weather the storms of life.

The expansiveness of its roots assist the tree to allow its branches to expand far and wide. In fact for many trees, their canopy can only expand as widely as their root system. This is a concept that is vital for those in physical form who want to be a bridge from Heaven to Earth, and bring more Light for the awakening of humanity.

Photosynthesis becomes a natural reality for those who allow themselves to receive the Divine Substance within the Light and let it bring nourishment into your energy system like the leaves can feed the tree. This nourishing Light flows down the naturally descending currents to the root system and mixes the Light energy with the frequencies of Vitality and Nurturing within the Earth in perfect Harmony aligned with the organic systems of Nature.

All of Nature thrives in these alignments. As Above So Below is the natural state of being. The grounding of excess energy in your body is like compost and feeds the Earth. The nourishing qualities of Vitality within the Earth move up your body in the natural currents of Liberation and feed your physical energy systems so you can be a greater conduit for Divine Light.

Just like the tree, when you are in Alignment to the Source through the whole of your physical being with the Earth, you radiate Peace to the planet.

Most people on the Earth are starving for this level of Wellbeing. All that you do to ground Divine Light within your body will serve the world and all humanity with Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 6, 2017

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