Join us for the 8-8 Lion’s Gateway Video Conference 8/7/22

8-8 Lion’s Gate Activation:

Radiating your Heart’s Light as a Beacon of Love


on Sunday August 7

Zoom Gathering at 1:00 pm PDT, 4:00 pm EDT


The 8-8 Portal Activation allows your heart to shine the presence of Infinite Love outward, so you become a radiant Beacon of Light.


Over the past months, an inner journey has sent us back into the world – ready or not. What guidance has been revealed for you to use through this process of being more visible or out in crowds?


Our Intuition has been activated recently and we are using Infinite Intelligence in a new way. Shanta channels the Archangel presence through her meditations and prayers. We are all accessing information from a deeper heart-centered place.


Your connection to the Inner Resource of Divine Love
allows your Heart to express its Divinity.


The Christed Codes of Divine Light which have been activated on the planet, contain the living substance of Divine Love. This enables us to answer the Soul’s calling to shine our heart’s light as a Beacon to the world.


Kelly Beard, a master of Shamanic Astrology, will also join the gathering to support us through the Lion’s Gate Portal. She offers clear wisdom about how we can best use this Light energy in our lives moving forward into the Aquarian Age.


As we walk through the Lion’s Gateway together, you will feel an empowerment within your heart. This activates greater personal Authority, inner Strength, Freedom and Confidence.


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Become a Beacon of Divine Light in the world.

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