11:11 Ceremony Mt. Shasta – 2014

The Mt. Shasta 11:11 Ceremony was an amazing experience. It was a glorious day on the mountain.

15 lovely women joined together early in the morning with our sound tech and kirtan leader, Sahadev, to honor the 11:11 Gateway to our Crystalline Light Body.

Dharma Cohen played the crystal bowls to set the sound frequencies that would allow us to create the vibration necessary to access our crystalline light body codes.

What we did not show is that on the other side of the glorious soaring 30 foot windows was an unobstructed view of Mt. Shasta. Our beautiful hostess Allou and her sweet dog, Kawa blessed us with their presence and the gift of her house for the day.

Dharma and I created an gateway altar that would allow each person a space to step through. The Archangels were holding the gate open and blessing each of us in our journey to reclaim our Light Body.

After a powerful guided meditation to create an opening in the mental/emotional fields, just before 11:11 we began the ceremony that allowed each person stepped through the Gateway. We each claimed our reconnection with the original Divine Blueprint for our crystalline Light body

Dharma and I share a love for the same watery jewel tones and we color-coordinate without trying. These colors are exceptionally high frequency and gain access to the higher chakras. Every part of the ceremony on 11:11 was consciously intended to raise vibrational frequencies in the room and within each person who attended.

Our intentions were to provide the high frequency light space that would allow for greater access within each of us to our Higher Selves and the Archangels. There was a glorious deepening in the room and an honoring for the time we spent together. People were very inspired by the experience and were glowing by the completion of our journey together.

Dharma and I are looking forward to the audio/visual recordings that Sahadev made that day. We expect to post them on YouTube.

Blessings to all, Shanta

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