The Light of the Divine Feminine Working in Life Now

A New Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

The sacred presence of Divine Light is a resource that can be used on a daily basis to shift your consciousness and the reality in which you live. We are offering you teachings combining ancient wisdom with the highest frequencies of modern life moving into the 5th Dimensional awareness.

You were made for this. Your soul wants you to change your energy system so you can be a Beacon of Light in the world. As you maintain these higher frequencies and use them actively in your life all things will shift in your reality base. People will treat you very differently. You will find a new sense of self-direction that guides your way with more clarity and confidence. You are changing life as you know it using a very feminine method of achievement.

The Divine Feminine consciousness brings reality into form. This Presence births new life through you. As you become more at ease with the shifting consciousness within your body from Light frequencies, you become more at ease with the new way life works in 5D. Things become more magical and synchronous. Higher awareness is only a thought away and your thoughts are the prayers that can become your new realities. Energy very dutifully follows the direction where you focus and pay attention, so this mental activity is important to monitor.

Your normal ordinary realities do become extraordinary as you allow the Light of the Divine Feminine energy to create through you. Anchor your base structure in the foundations that hold your connection to the heart of the Earth Mother. There you will be held in loving protection and nurturing. This grounding section is essential to happiness.

It’s safe to be in a body now. It’s safe to bring your true Divine Essence into physical form and it’s safe to share your love with the world as you truly are. Allow yourself to be a Light to the world. Know now and always that who you are is a blessing and you are blessed. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
March 9, 2017

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