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Thank you Shanta. as it turned out, i got on the call and i'm so, so grateful. was a very powerful transmission. i look forward to listening to the recording.

12:12 Portal of Evolution Teleconference

I kept trying and did connect for full meditation and it was truly amazing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

12:12 Portal of Evolution Teleconference

Wow another great call I am so grateful for you both. Feel such a sense of peace freedom and love.

12:12 Portal of Evolution Teleconference

Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life with the Anusthan practice. I feel like I have taken my Spirit to a new level ever since I started practicing in the collective with the Anusthan. I absolutely love your personal shares in your blogs about your daily rituals. I don't think there is much [out there] on how to ground yourself so that the rest of that work can fall into place. So I just wanted to thank you for giving me such a beautiful gift. I am very grateful!!!

Anusthan for the Holidays 2016

These are just getting better and better...thank you for everything!!

Anusthan for the Holidays 2016

Just what I needed Shanta. Thank you for being a light and guide in my life!

Weekly Inspiration 2017

What people say about Shanta’s work

“Shanta Gabriel is a gifted, inspired and utterly authentic healer of the heart. In her presence, I experienced the reality of the Divine. I deeply salute the immense contribution she is making. Shanta is a true blessing, and she will touch your soul.”

—ALAN COHEN, Author, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker

“That was not a massage. That was an EXPERIENCE!”

—P.LEONG, Tai Chi Master, UH Professor

“Shanta radiated an extremely high spiritual presence throughout our session. Our dialogue brought me back to my highest truth, and her work cleared the scar tissue from my heart that had kept me from feeling. Her words were like the rays of the sun healing my heart. For days after I felt so much love I wanted to hug everything in sight.”

—WARD COLE, Teacher and Counselor

“Shanta Gabriel is an amazing healer. She is very sensitive to my needs and has helped me regain energy and strength I have not had since an accident almost 20 years ago. Every time Shanta works on me, the effects last longer, so I can now do more in a day than I could accomplish in a week before seeing her. Mahalo Shanta, you are truly guided by the angels which surround you!”

—GERALYN ST. JOSEPH, Teacher, Intuitive Counselor

"Having a session with Shanta is like stepping into a fantasy world where your cells are zapped with cosmic energy, sacred oils endow you with magical properties, and clear guidance fills the corners of your mind. It is like a fantasy, except when it's over, the changes stay with you."

—CYNTHIA WHITEHOUSE, Author, Poet, Mother

“Angel Messages encourage us to see life from an expanded perspective. From this place we remember that we are never alone, and there is assistance to choose a life of Abundant Peace and Happiness.”

—WALLY AMOS, Author, Motivational Speaker, Cookie Master
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