The 10:10 Activation ~ October 10, 2012

This morning my meditation led to the discovery that tomorrow was October 10. I have a love for these double numbers and have felt the activations inherent in their energy over the years. 11:11 has been a special favorite due to my connection to the Angelic Dimensions. Whenever I see the clock announcing 11:11 I say a prayer asking the Archangels to open the gateway to my most divine intentions for that moment. So with October 10 adding up to 11, the number of the Angels, I asked what it was we should know about the day. Here is what I received: The 10/10 alignment is an activation code. Removing 0’s gives you the angelic number 11. The 11 is the natural gateway to the starry realms. Archangels are the guardians of the 11 gateways. When you add the numerology of 2012, the 5 is an energy number, the number of change. Adding 5 to the 11 and you achieve 7 (5 + 2 = 7 or 11 + 5 = 16, 1+ 6 = 7). 7 is the number of Divinity encoded within your DNA. This is the coding for Ancient Mastery. The old wisdom is coming into these times allowing greater connection to the ancient Earth teachings and the Star teachings. New frequencies of awareness are encoded in the 10/10. Use the timing to access these ancient teachings embedded within you. It is just an invitation. As with all the teachings I receive in meditation, I consider them as part of the unlimited potential offered to us from the Angelic realms. My Higher Self works with me...

Ducking for Cover or how to face these intense times with more Grace?

Blessings to all you Dear Ones, This message has been in process for over a month. Things have been changing so quickly, it has been hard to stop and pin down what I wanted to say. We are in such an empowered time with planetary challenges as well as support for accelerated change, accompanied by extraordinary downloads of intense energy. Most of us feel like ducking for cover. I have had to spend extra alone time to either regroup or just to stay centered. On a planetary level we are being asked as a group of souls to become more connected to our inner center, as well as our Divine Self, because the Earth herself is evolving. Spiritual practice has become an antidote to the alternatives of uncertainty, fear and suffering. Many people are experiencing physical symptoms from headaches (my personal favorite) to such fatigue, as one friend described it, she can barely get off the couch. After ruling out any medical problems of course, it can help to attribute this intensity to the universal download of more Divine Light than we have ever experienced in our lifetimes. And it is not going to stop, so we need to learn to swim in new waters filled with lots of flotsam. The Big Picture is that our world is moving toward Unity Consciousness. That is a good thing to remember when it affects us individually. As higher frequencies of Light energy containing an unprecedented amount of Divine Love, bombard the planet, everything that is unlike Love and Light will become very obvious. That means in our outer world as well...

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