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Message from the Angelic Orders of Truth and Light from RayDawn

Message from Shanta: Ray Dawn is one of those truly authentic healers of the heart who I was gifted to meet in Mt. Shasta. I wanted to share some of her recent work with you.

Allow your own Creations and Moment to bring forth your Gifts of Manifestation


Hello to each of you. We are the Angelic Orders of Truth and light, The Angels of the Energy Fields.

We are here to help each of you with your own energy fields, for you are all fields of light and sound and color in truth!In truth each of you are vibrant, alive beings that are your own frequency. This frequency is allowing you to be in the environments you are in, the relationships you are in, the livelihoods you are in as well..

This relationship to all life around and within you is from the make-up of your individual fields of energy.Your energy fields are being modified all the time by your thoughts, beliefs, creations and understandings of the reality you are in.These fields that you are, are quite moldable to your own perceptions!

This can feel a burden, or as we wish to emphasize, a just cause and reward for your own abilities to create! You are each powerful creators! We ask each of you to allow more of this time upon the earth, as a time to create your own dreams and discover your individual gifts for this life, but also from all your timelines or past and future lives as well.

Each of you has new creations you are bringing forth in each moment. To allow the fullness of these creations each of you must give yourself permission to create what it is you are allowing or wanting to create.To be clear, one must have trust and faith in the meaning of life. That you are all in this together to bring forth your individual talents and gifts now. To do so is a great service to all that is!

Each of you planned to be here at this momentous time upon the earth to bring forth life, creativity and trust that you all have it within you! Yes, everything you need is right here within your heart, within your soul and within this embodiment! As you allow your own creations and moment, you can bring forth your gifts of manifestation as well. To manifest your gifts you allow your own path, your own discovery, and your time to be you!

Each of you is here with purpose to be exactly you! Not someone else but uniquely you! Yes each gift and talent you bring is your vitality, your aliveness, and your spark of life! To create you align with your own timing, your own talents, your own gifts! Be easy as you discover what they are, uniquely your own..

To find further proof of this occurrence, see how you shine when you feel that you are using your abilities with enjoyment! See how you shine forth and know this to be… yes in your moments of self-love and caring.. You feel this to be true!

So as this is true find your moment more often by allowing what is most important to your own well being… what makes your heart sing? What brings you joy? Do you allow this time for you? These moments of your choosing are most important at this juncture.. As new creation is at hand!

All time is coming unto this case, the case of love and vital creation~ To be vital and full of love, you allow your own song to be sung, your gifts to be shown and your feelings of upliftment to be strong within! It is your birthright to proceed with what is your joy at this time, at all times!

We wish to bring upliftments and support to each of you to follow your passion and talents, follow what makes you want to move forward in your life..

Look not to others to sustain you but breathe in your life force, allow your own source within, open to the call of the wild and the freshness of the morn… Be at peace within your heart to hear these words.. Follow your heart and your dreams, this will lead to the manifestations of your new creations, these creations will be made with love and will serve All!

We thank each of you for your vitality, your awareness, your own being that is you! Enjoy you and enjoy this process of the return of your sensibilities! Each of you deserves to be the blessing!

Enjoy the journey..

We love each of you and bring tidings of joy to each of your hearts. Thank you for shining here and everywhere…

In love we are your friends and confidants..

The Angels of the energy fields of light and service to the One!

Channeled by RayDawn, Visionary Healing, Mt. Shasta CA

April 4, 2013  www.RayDawn.com

The 10:10 Activation ~ October 10, 2012

This morning my meditation led to the discovery that tomorrow was October 10. I have a love for these double numbers and have felt the activations inherent in their energy over the years. 11:11 has been a special favorite due to my connection to the Angelic Dimensions. Whenever I see the clock announcing 11:11 I say a prayer asking the Archangels to open the gateway to my most divine intentions for that moment. So with October 10 adding up to 11, the number of the Angels, I asked what it was we should know about the day. Here is what I received:

The 10/10 alignment is an activation code. Removing 0′s gives you the angelic number 11. The 11 is the natural gateway to the starry realms. Archangels are the guardians of the 11 gateways. When you add the numerology of 2012, the 5 is an energy number, the number of change. Adding 5 to the 11 and you achieve 7 (5 + 2 = 7 or 11 + 5 = 16, 1+ 6 = 7). 7 is the number of Divinity encoded within your DNA. This is the coding for Ancient Mastery. The old wisdom is coming into these times allowing greater connection to the ancient Earth teachings and the Star teachings. New frequencies of awareness are encoded in the 10/10. Use the timing to access these ancient teachings embedded within you. It is just an invitation.

As with all the teachings I receive in meditation, I consider them as part of the unlimited potential offered to us from the Angelic realms. My Higher Self works with me to sort through the incoming information and accesses those which are in alignment with my Soul. (You can see the full teachings of the Higher Self from Archangel Gabriel on my website: www.TheGabrielMessages.com.)

So I pay attention to what I am receiving and open to the new realms of wisdom available to us in these powerful times of change.

Blessings to you, Shanta

Aligning with the New Frequencies – 2012

In this blessed time of year the Angels always show up in greater numbers with closer availability than any other time of the year. In fact, Archangel Michael has responsibility for our creation of new evolutionary families during this time that started on the 12:12 and will be complete on January 6, 2012 at the end of the 12 Holy Nights that begin December 25. There is a window open where we can clear away all past patterns with the protection and Divine Intervention that Archangel Michael can offer us. We are gifted with a deep connection to the Angelic Dimensions as well as the Christed Consciousness at this time.

We have come so far in our own evolution, even if it does not feel as though there has been movement in your own life. As we venture into 2012 in the days to come, I believe we will be seeing more and more how we apply our spiritual principles from deep within us and offer our beliefs to a world that is changing before our eyes.

During the month of December there have been so many special energetic times that I feel as though I have been walking through a giant force field. We started with two eclipses, the 12:12 alignment that opened the way for a new field of Divine Connection, Hanukkah, today’s Solstice marking the return of the Light culminating in the experience of Christmas. I have been experiencing a buzz within my center as the energy frequencies grow and change on the planet.

There is so much Divine Love available to us now! I want to be able to use these energy frequencies for the coming year, our infamous 2012. In many ways it feels as though I am living in the time for which I specifically contracted to be here. I was not expecting to be 66, however Divine Timing is the prevalent theme. Patience, Preparation and Perseverance are the keys to my being able to bring forth the divine right action and inspiration I need in every moment, and allow Creative Solutions to manifest in every area of my life.

One of my favorite authors, Lauren Gorgo, speaks of the energetic resonance within us shifting to 528 Hz, which allows us to unlock our creative potential on the new earth we are creating. I have been less scientific, yet receive similar messages about more Divine Love being available as we are raising our energetic frequencies. It becomes the actualization of our spirit into the world when we ground these new light frequencies within the earth.

My information is that we are completing the old patterns and no longer will be triggered into reacting in the same way. In fact, we have a clear opportunity in this year of 2012 to have our past be truly past history, at last. We have seen clearly that the old ways no longer work, and the old structures don’t fit any more. What often occurs in between the old and the new is a somewhat chaotic unknown time. The energy we put into that time becomes very important as it sets the tides for the rest of the year.

Universal Laws Applied

It seemed to me that if we are definitely creating a new world, which I know we are, that it would be very valuable to apply some of the ancient teachings to the universal laws as we know them to be. Raising our energy frequency is paramount so we are attracting the good into our world that we most want to experience. There are many ways to do that. Most of the ancient systems are rich with techniques that raise energy frequency.

I believe it is true that we are working toward bringing more of our spiritual life into the world so our world becomes more sacred. In order to do this we may have to move through energy fields that have been very dense. Our inner strength and fortitude we have funded to this point will serve us well in the creation of a life that feels as though we are living our soul’s purpose. What I have been experiencing over the past few years is that I am using all my spiritual tools and experiences gathered over the past 40 years to put into practice what I believe is important for my life.

I also feel grateful that the darkest nights of my Soul were in the late 1990s and early 2000, so I have had some time to integrate those experiences into my life. I have had the opportunity to see how the depth of my spiritual practice has stayed the same throughout the years and how much that has helped me to create a life that works for me. My daily world is really now my spiritual life and there is very little separation.

Inspiration for a New Program

I believe that what we all are being asked is to end separation between our spiritual life and our worldly life during this upcoming year of 2012. This will allow us to bring forth the remarkable possibilities that this time holds.

I have been inspired by Archangel Gabriel and my guidance to offer a seven-week program to start the year. This program will help us all to work together in ways that support our lives on our level and bring more Light to the planet in the process. I would love to invite you to join me in this new spiritual program.

Some of the ideas I have received are following:

1. Integration of the new 12 Chakra System in our daily lives

2. Alignment with the Christ Light and the Soul of the Earth in our beings

3. Living from your Spiritual Center of Peace and Harmony

4. Raising Vibrational Frequencies so life becomes enchanting

5. Empowering rituals and techniques for releasing past patterns and setting new energy frequencies into heart-centered action

6. Opening our Receiving Channels

7. Creation of a solid spiritual practice that perseveres through change

What would you most like to have support with?

Many of you will have other ideas that you would like me to implement into the program and I am open to discovering what those would be. We want this to be a program that really serves you in a practical way.

My intention is to assist us to align within our beings with the new higher frequencies of energy from the genetic changes and 12-Chakra systems. We need to integrate these codings into our beings and use them to bring peace into our worlds, both personal and outside our homes. We have a new level of support to make this happen so accessing these new support systems is essential. I want you to experience on a personal level the support that you have available and be able to create the new frequencies yourselves.

We will work together through spiritual practices designed to bring your inner spirit into your outer world. We will also do ritual practices together that engage our spirits so we can set our intentions for what we want in our lives.

My plan is to offer 7 teleconferences that will be recorded and sent to you through mp3 for you to download. In each of these telephone conferences I will be transmitting energy frequencies that will activate the teachings for you. You will be able to ask questions during a portion of the conference and make comments. There will be written materials as well as homework for you to apply.

I want to offer a very low price so as many as possible can work with these spiritual principles of Unity and wholeness in 2012, so this program will be $12 per session or $70 for all seven weeks. To receive the greatest value from the program, a commitment to doing the work offered would be ideal.

The program will begin after the new moon and lunar New Year on January 23. In the Chinese calendar, that will usher in the year of the Dragon. Dragons to me are the most magical and enchanting creatures that have great power for good when directed with Love. My plan is to have our first teleconference on Wednesday, January 25 at 6:00 PST.

I have described this program as Spiritual Boot Camp because I believe that spiritual discipline and structure will be what most serves us while our outer structures are going through big changes. Some people have already objected to the rigidity that name brings up. My intention is for fluidity and learning to gracefully navigate the changing nature of reality.

I am open for a new name for this powerful program of Integration of Spiritual Principles and activation of new energy frequencies in our lives. The most important part of it may be that we will all feel very supported by working together to access the new higher spiritual fields of divine love and grace and set new energy frequencies for our lives in 2012 and beyond.

All is possible from the Flame of your Intentions. Perceptions expand and limitations drop away. ~ Archangel Gabriel

The signup page will be ready around the first week of January. I look forward to hearing from you and having you join me as we prepare for one of the most miraculous years in history. Many Blessings for a joyous, healthy, abundant, enlightening New Year – 2012.

Shanta Gabriel
December 22, 2012

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