Essences of Divine Light

Created to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Essences of Divine Light

Do you yearn to experience more Peace of Mind?
Or to live life with more Trust and Faith?

How about easier access to the higher energy frequencies—such as Love and Joy?

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Wonder and Awe - Essences of Divine Light
Wonder and Awe - Essences of Divine Light
There are times in life when synchronicity occurs, a moment when you perceive overwhelming beauty or pure sweetness. At these times the mind and heart open spontaneously to the exquisite perfection of the Divine Mystery and you experience Holy Awe and Wonder. This essence imbues you with that sacred feeling.
Price: $25.00
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Wonderful Feedback...

Your essences are wonderful! I can tell they are of the highest consciousness and frequency.

Even though I am just taking the Essence for a few days, I already feel a difference. I feel more calm, more loving and I find it easier to 'accept and let go' of negative thoughts or negative attitudes from the people around me. I do feel I am on a mission and it is so much fun.

I have been taking the Empowered Future Essence and love it! It is awesome. I feel much more comfortable and at ease with myself. I feel stronger and more centered in many ways, especially when the opportunity arises for me to speak my truth and be authentic.

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